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How to Deal with Overwhelm

I’m writing you today from the beach.  Ah, yes – we all deserve to take a little time away to rejuvenate. Only with proper self-care, can you truly give your best work. But what if you’ve been so busy that taking a vacation seems way too far off?  What if you have so much to […]

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What happens when you follow your Heart

As promised, I wanted to share with you the second video from the Entrepreneur TV series by the lovely Jalanda James. It’s only one minute, so be sure to watch it for some quick, practical advice on how to be successful. Is there an area in your life that you feel stuck in?If you’re frustrated with […]

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Halloween & Hurricanes

I’m writing to you from New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We were prepared for the worst, but thankfully we were incredibly lucky. We never lost our power and didn’t experience any flooding. Inside our cozy home, it was almost as if nothing happened. But outside, there were crazy howling winds and noises […]

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5 Easy Ways to Clear the Clutter

Well, it’s definitely autumn in New York.  The leaves are changing, the heat is turned on. Time to pack up the summer clothes and pull out the sweaters! But wait, where are those sweaters? I think they’re in that pile at the bottom of my closet behind my bags… or maybe they’re in one of […]

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