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Halloween & Hurricanes

I’m writing to you from New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We were prepared for the worst, but thankfully we were incredibly lucky. We never lost our power and didn’t experience any flooding. Inside our cozy home, it was almost as if nothing happened. But outside, there were crazy howling winds and noises I’ve never heard before. It was a beautiful metaphor for staying calm internally when there are external circumstances beyond your control. I’m truly grateful that we survived this ordeal unharmed. Just miles away in my old neighborhood of Manhattan, buildings and cars were under water, and I have numerous friends who are still without power. Read on to find out how you can help support those in need later on in the post. For now, onto happier things!

It’s Halloween! And I thought I would share with you a photo of me from Halloween when I was a little girl. What was I? You guessed it: a Queen! Funny because I never thought anything of this picture until a recent visit with my parents when they showed it to me. They said, “Look Jen, you were a Queen even back then!” Years before I became the Queen of Manifestation, I actually played the part.

Me as a Queen for Halloween

Me as a Queen for Halloween back in the day with my sister, the Pilgrim ๐Ÿ˜‰













What does this mean for manifesting? You actually get to live out your fantasy by role playing. What I truly love about Halloween is that you’re given permission to dress up as anyone you want to be and then play the part! A few years ago, I dressed up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween, and it was so much fun that I did it again the following year. Since I love her and her artwork, I thought it’d be cute for my baby daughter to be Frida Kahlo this year for Halloween. Here’s a cute picture of her:

Nailah as Frida Kahlo for Halloween

My daughter as Frida Kahlo

I challenge you on the next Halloween to use the opportunity to dress up as someone you actually want to be. Have fun with it! Halloween is meant to be playful. Then take that playfulness back into your everyday life. Use it to manifest bigger things. Don’t just wait for a holiday to give yourself permission to step into a bigger role. Who do you want to be? Start acting as if you’re already her. You’ll be amazed at the magical things that happen when you do.

Nailah watercoloring

Nailah watercoloring for the first time during the hurricane.

Speaking of magic, Halloween is actually rooted in the pagan holiday Samhain. It’s traditionally a time when the otherworld opens up for souls who have passed to come through. It marks the end of harvest and the beginning of the darker time of the year, the season of dreaming things into being.ย How perfect for manifesting! We are all witches casting beautiful spells on our lives.

If you’ve been affected by the spell of Hurricane Sandy, I’m sending you so much love and a reminder to focus on the positive. Be grateful for what you do still have. (See my post about this.) And if you weren’t directly affected, remember giving is a courageous act that is always rewarded by the universe. If you want to help, consider making a donation to the Red Cross.

I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below with what your favorite Halloween Costume was – and how you plan on using role playing to play a bigger role in your life! ย And if you have an uplifting Hurricane story, I’d love to hear it.

Here’s to becoming who your heart desires!

xoxo, Jen

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Llyane Reply

I love the challenge to use the opportunity to dress up as someone you actually want to be – I bet few people thought of this… are we conditioned to see the negative side first?
Thanks for this, Jen, and it is very inspiring to see this spin on the Sandy experience!

    jen Reply

    Thanks Llayne! It’s true – sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to be who we want to be. Halloween provides the perfect opportunity!

jen Reply

Nice Natalie! I love that you used Halloween to explore the shadow side of yourself. What fun!

Natalie Neckyfarow Reply

I think that my favorite Halloween costume was when I dress up as Morticia. Though I’m usually a very perky person, there is something that I find very compelling about playing dark roles as an actress. Things that are quite opposite from my own personal experience. Now one of the top roles I would like to play on stage is as Wednesday Addams.

Angela Privin Reply

Loved your blog post but the photos were my favorite part. Cute fest! Love Frida Kahlo.

    jen Reply

    Thanks Angela ๐Ÿ™‚

Christina Caudill Reply

My favorite costume as a kid was Alice in Wonderland. I loved the blonde wig and Mary Janes! And the story of Alice wandering in a fantasy land with surprises around every corner has always fascinated me. I will use this idea to manifest a fabulous adventure for myself – who knows where it will take me? Love the post – and so glad to hear you are well and thriving!

    jen Reply

    Ah, what a juicy takeaway Christina! I love that you’re going to infuse more adventure into your life. Perfect! And the surprises will come the more you continue on your path. I can already see it! Can’t wait to hear more. xoxo

Phyllis Wilson/Wise Woman Reply

I think my favorite Halloween costume was a seriously sunburned beach-goer. Just silly, but people’s reactions were great – so visceral!

Love your daughter as Frida Kahlo – hilarious!

Funny – my Halloween-inspired post was about the masks we insist on wearing that don’t quite fit, with a call to unmask and show what’s real for each of us. Kind of the opposite of role-playing, but, ultimately, with the same end. ๐Ÿ™‚

    jen Reply

    Ha, thanks Phyllis. I always love creative Halloween costumes. And yeah – your post is another great take on the holiday!

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