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What to do when *%&! hits the fan

This has been a rough week for me spiritually. It’s a good time to practice my own advice. First my daughter got sick. Really sick. The throwing up every 15 minutes for 5 hours kind of sick. Then I caught it. And then we finally were feeling better when we got the news that my mother-in-law passed. Could it get any worse? Oh yeah, then came that huge phone bill from calling all of the relatives in other countries.

Have you ever had one of these weeks where it feels like nothing is going right for you?

We’ve all been there. And it always seems to happen when you least expect it – when things seem to be going well for you. You’re making progress on your big vision. And then boom – hit with a ton of bricks. How do you keep going when *%&! hits the fan?

I have a truly inspiring interview to share with you today with one woman who faced incredible challenges and managed to become a well known celebrity in the food world. Her name is Sara Sohn. Sara is the founder of Sweet & Sara’s gourmet vegan marshmallows.

Sara and I are friends from college. She always was into making the best homemade desserts. And that passion led to her creating the world’s first vegan marshmallow. A childhood treat that vegans up until recently missed out on because of their main ingredient: gelatin.

Sara had a horrific stumbling block after discovering that one of the main ingredients she’d been using in the marshmallows she was marketing as vegan – wasn’t vegan at all! And that was after her parents had invested their life savings into her business. But instead of crawling under a rock and hiding, she overcame it and built a solid business with a fabulous support system. Her story is so amazing that even CNBC did a piece on her.

I was lucky enough to visit Sara at her marshmallow factory in Queens, New York to interview her for my Manifest Mondays series. And in the video below, she shares her secret recipe for success.

Sara went from catastrophe to celebrity.

She’s truly an inspiration! I especially love her story because of all of the adversity she’s been through, and how she’s remained positive throughout. There’s a lot you can learn from her.

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do it? That your dream is just too outrageous and it will never happen?

You’re not alone. Sara’s been there too. In fact, after she couldn’t use the one ingredient that she’d been relying on for her business, no one thought she could ever come up with a recipe for marshmallows that didn’t include gelatin. Even the food experts thought she was crazy. But guess what? She proved them all wrong! And today, her marshmallows have been featured on Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray’s snack of the Day, The Food Network, CNBC, and more. And you can find them in large chain stores all over the world.

I can’t wait for you to hear her story!

Watch my exclusive interview with Sara below to learn more about how she was able to manifest a successful business and become one of my favorite vegan celebrities.

She has awesome advice for you on how to stay focused on your big dream, even if the current circumstances aren’t in your favor.

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“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t just because they can’t.” – @SWEETandSARA via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

“People will doubt what you say, but they’ll always believe what you do.” – @SWEETandSARA via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

“Let your faith be bigger than your fear.” – @SWEETandSARA via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

“Think BIG. Think outside the box.” – @SWEETandSARA via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

“Be so big, so awesome, so awe-inspiring that they can’t ignore you.” – @SWEETandSARA via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

“Under promise. Over deliver.” – @SWEETandSARA via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

“There are no shortcuts for any path worth going.” – @SWEETandSARA via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

“Inspire by example. Lead by example. Educate. Don’t intimidate.” – @SWEETandSARA via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

“Strive for progress, not perfection.” – @SWEETandSARA via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

In our interview, Sara had some awesome advice on how to stay positive when things get crazy. I wanted to expand upon that by providing you with the best tool for getting back into the positive.

The next time you find yourself in downward spiral of negative thoughts (One thing goes wrong, and then it seems like everything starts to go wrong…), try:


Basically, this process is all about recognizing when you’re having a negative emotion. If you can catch yourself in the thought, you have the opportunity to transform it into a positive. If you’re transmitting a negative thought, it means you’re in the process of attracting that thought to you. So Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, add in what you DO want.

The Lesson: Always go back to the positive. See possibility in the situation. Change ‘I have to’ to ‘I GET to’.  

Even if you’ve added lots of positive thoughts into your head through the use of affirmations, visuals, gratitude, and taking action – you can still get caught up in the negative. So every time you catch yourself in the negative zone, try to pivot yourself back into the positive. Focus on what makes you feel good – on what you WANT to attract, not what you don’t want or think you can’t have.

Staying positive is a choice. Each present moment provides the opportunity to do so. You create your reality. And positive conditioning is a practice. So don’t get frustrated when a negative thought pops up. Just try to shift it right away. Soon more and more positive thoughts will replace the old patterns of negativity.

How to Apply It?

Step 1: Acknowledge how you’re feeling or what is getting on your nerves.

Step 2: Say to yourself, “I wonder how I can feel good?”

Step 3: Reach for that better feeling thought. Consciously think of something else that will distract you from the negative feeling and allow you to feel a little bit better.

Step 4: Continue to expand upon the good feeling.

The goal is to change your thoughts in the moment so that you don’t dwell on the negative and start to feel sorry for yourself. Stop the negativity right in it’s tracks before you start complaining and commiserating in it.

Here’s an example of pivoting:

The next time you catch yourself saying ‘My boss is a jerk’, you can rephrase it to ‘I CAN stand my boss, even if I don’t like her behavior’. Better yet, find an opposite statement about your boss that is likeable. For example, ‘My boss has a really cool sense of style.’ Just by shifting it to something positive – even if it seems unrelated – you’re rewiring your body and changing the vibration that you’re giving out.

So try pivoting your thoughts the next time you catch yourself in a downward spiral and see what happens!

I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever struggled and almost given up on your dream? Tell me in the comments below what happened and how you stayed the course. What was your favorite takeaway from our interview? What idea are you going to recommit yourself to right now?

xoxo, Jen





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Sofia Wren Reply

Hey Jen, loved Sara’s story about that month ten. Wow, you know some of my biggest upsets really have been right before the storm clears. I have just cut lose from my support job to focus on my massage, writing and a new online program and I’m in this to the finish line like Sarah was. I’m already getting so much more done with less distractions, and although all is not clear, I am not giving up.

If people tell you ABC don’t stop! Really gets to me because recently I have been feeling drawn to assisting those in the neopagan wiccan and heathen community break through limitations to express their deepest inner voice. As I grow deeper into my creative writing and spiritual practice, life is so fresh and wonderful. I didn’t listen to a whole lot of people! But I embraced this path, and I am trying not to be phased by the small size of my community. Like Sara, I feel drawn to help the world in my own way, even if it’s one that no one has stepped into before.

Such a wonderful episode! Thank you Jen and Sara

    jen Reply

    Yay, you’re welcome Wren! Congrats on letting go of your support job to focus on your passions! That’s such a huge step 🙂

claire Reply

I love this post! Not only is my 5 year old sweetie pie a fan of those yummy marshie mellows , and we love making delicious rice krispies treats as well. This post is a favorite of mine. I use re-framing often, especially in looking inward to check if I am projecting my “stuff” when feeling triggered. The pivoting is such a simple yet amazing tool. We may not have control over our circumstances, but we DO so have control over how we HOLD any situation. Yay for that! I am reminded of Victor Frankl often when I am caught up in my version of a pity party. So much love, hugs and LIGHT to your MIL’s transition. I am sending you and your family lots of healing light ahead for much healing.

    jen Reply

    Aww, thanks so much Claire! It’s so true that we can’t control all of our circumstances, but we can control how we hold ourselves in those situations. Love that you’re into the pivoting tool. And I love that your family is a fan of Sweet & Sara marshallows 🙂 Thanks for your love and support. xx

Sabrina at MyMiBoSo Reply

Love the pivoting exercise Jen! I remember when I came across this in the works of Abraham and thought to myself – how genius yet simple at the same time! Love a good mind trick when it helps bring me back to my natural, loving, high-vibe-ing state!

    jen Reply

    Yay, love that Sabrina!

Chelsea Reply

Sara said something that stuck with me, “We are never promised tomorrow and life is too short to wait.” Lately I’ve felt my dreams are bigger than I can handle, this interview was just the inspiration I needed to keep me going! Thanks!

    jen Reply

    Aww, beautiful. I’m so happy to hear that Chelsea!

Phyllis Reply

What a great story! I find that often, even more pervasive (and detrimental) a message than naysayers telling us what we can’t do because of A, B, C plus X, Y & Z, is what we continue to tell ourselves because of how we’re raised, our socio-economic circumstances growing up, expectations of parents, community, etc. Takes lots of self-inquiry, great support (as Sara mentions!) and leaps of faith to do it anyway!

    jen Reply

    Yes, so true Phyllis! It all starts with believing in yourself!

Shari Reply

Jen! Love to see everything you’re up to. Great work and great story!!

    jen Reply

    Thanks Shari! 🙂 xx

Darris Reply

Hi Jen! Found you through B-School.

Great interview! I’ve watched Sweet and Sara from the beginning. I used to have a membership based newsletter and wrote letters for my members regarding animal welfare and environmental issues. I used to put plugs in for Sara’s products. She and her family are amazing. I wish them all the best!

Thanks Jen . . . the site is fabulous!

    jen Reply

    Thanks Darris! So happy to hear that you’re already a Sweet and Sara advocate! Amazing.

Christina Reply

Wow chock full of inspiration and advice. Love the niche she created for herself. Great story of rising like a phoenix from the ashes 🙂

    jen Reply

    Aww, happy you found it inspiring Christina!

Jenné Reply

Hi Jen! I’m sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, but so happy to hear that you and the little one are feeling better.

Thank you so much for having Sara on Manifest Monday. I found your chat incredibly inspiring. I knew you would give Tweetables, but I had to take notes anyway. Sara is one wise young woman!

This post & interview spoke to me so much, because I’m going through a bit of rockiness in my business & life.
The biggest thing I took away was to let my faith be bigger than my fear. To be bold, take action and stand in my truth. I also loved “Strive for progress, not perfection”. Mmmmm, so good : )

Wishing you the best!

p.s. I want to win so badly! I followed, I shared & I scheduled my Tweets!!

    jen Reply

    Awesome Jenné! Happy that you took notes. Sara is seriously so inspiring. She has such a positive outlook, and it shows in the success she’s experiencing now. Glad to hear it came at the perfect time for you. Can’t wait to see your tweets 🙂 xoxo

Alison Levy Reply

What a helpful, insightful look into being in business, and i loved how you two have known each other for a while and have sweet stories to reminice on. Sara reflected on being in business real and full of resolve!
.I just started b-school so I’m in the groove of making it happen for my Astrology business. Im ready to take the guessing game out of building a business, and instead progress no matter what happens-knowing that positivity is the key..
thanks Jen!

    jen Reply

    Ooh, yay! Awesome Alison! I had no idea you were doing B-School this round. How exciting! I can’t wait to see how your astrology business grows 🙂 xoxo

      Alison Levy Reply

      Hi Jen, It is thrilling to watch and learn from you!
      I remember staying in your apartment in alphabet city!
      Thanks Amazing Lady!!
      <3 Alison

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