Meet the Queen - Queen of Manifestation

Meet the Queen

Hey there!

I’m Jen Mazer. My friends call me ‘The Queen of Manifestation’ because I’ve always been able to dream up outrageous adventures and actually live them out.

Nothing makes me happier than to show others the way to manifest the life of their biggest dreams.

Are you finally ready for love, wealth, health, success, and yeah – that big creative project you always wanted to finish (or start!)?

Yes, you can have it all – in ALL areas of your life.

My philosophy: If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Once you can allow yourself to dream bigger and open up to the possibilities, you can experience true freedom from limiting beliefs and receive the gifts waiting for you.

I envision a world free from suffering, where abundance is available for all of us to tap into – where we all are connected & supported, and are contributing our best by being our true happy selves.

I want you to experience the power of co-creation, to feel trust, freedom, balance – and ultimately love. That’s where the miracles, opportunities, synchronicities & surprises occur.

Because you know what? I believe that once we’re all living out our purposes free from the limiting beliefs that are holding us back, the energy of the world will shift.

I help women clear the beliefs that are keeping them stuck, so that they can finally step into their ideal lives & bring their unique gifts out into the world in a BIG way.

Manifesting is my sweet spot. My friends know me as a fearless explorer with a deep love of people, a super positive nature, and my crazy laugh.

The Queen of Manifestation

Just Some of Life’s Highs:

  • Rubbing elbows at a small private cocktail party hosted by Martin Scorsese
  • Laughing it up with Whoopi Goldberg backstage at the UN
  • Living rent-free in the east village of Manhattan for 10 years!
  • Chatting with Deepak Chopra at Yoko Ono’s private art opening in New York
  • Toasting a glass of wine backstage at the World Cup Opening Ceremonies in South Africa
  • Singing along with Stephen Marley in an intimate jam session at his recording studio
  • Having my artwork printed in the New York Times and featured in New York Magazine
  • Traveling around the world from Africa, to India, Europe and Brazil
  • Meeting the man of my dreams (a successful rock star), and giving birth to our beautiful baby girl at home surrounded by people I love.

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“I’m grateful that I joined Jen’s Manifestation Masters Program.
It has really changed my life!”

– Sari Ramzan, Chiropractor

She manifested $20,000 in one week!

Christina Caudill - Radiance Advisor“After I met Jen, I told my boyfriend all about our talk and we practiced a manifesting exercise. He said he wanted to sell $20,000 in artwork in the next 7 days. He always has leads in the fire, but it’s just impossible to know what will come through and when.  Well a few days later, he made a sale of $10,000, and today – 7 days from the manifesting exercise – out of the blue he just sold another $10,000 piece of artwork.
WOW!!!! Yay, manifesting works!

– Christina Caudill

Jen is a vessel of positivity. She thanks the farmers before eating her meal and reassures me when I’m afraid my projects aren’t meant to be.

There is something calming about the presence of someone who is always slanting into the light and radiating it back towards you.

I call her “the Queen of Manifestation” because there is always a magical story that I can’t quite understand how she fell into.

In time I’ve learned some of her ways, her studies of gratitude, manifesting and visualizing, and she’s been generous in sharing her tools and ideas. Jen’s glow and expertise is needed, she is an asset for the uplifting of our community.”
– Caits Meissner, Performance Poet, NYC

A Brief History:

When I was little, I carried around a sketchbook and drew my family, my stuffed animals, you name it…  I was always imagining new realities through my drawings and my make-believe barbie soap opera.

As a teenager, I went to overnight camp and gained serious self-esteem through having to take group showers with the girls in my cabin. I fell in love with music, started drumming, and followed a certain band to faraway places.

Since then – I’ve stayed a free-spirit, letting my imagination take me to outrageous realms. Nothing seemed too far out of my reach or too crazy to attain. In high school, I was voted ‘Most Original/Unique’.

I moved to New York to go to art school. That certain famous musician and I ended up becoming friends, which in my teenage head was the ultimate goal in life.  So once I got to know him, anything seemed possible!

I didn’t stop there. I started dreaming bigger.

I had a longing to go to Africa and ended up being taken on an all-expenses paid trip to Senegal in college.  Since then, I’ve been back to Africa over 5 times!  I explored Brazil, got my yoga teacher’s certification while living in an ashram in India, toured Israel (another free trip!), nibbled on pain au chocolat in Paris, homemade pasta in Tuscany, lounged on the beach in Cabo San Lucas and baby-mooned on the big island of Hawaii.

I’m the ultimate optimist, I talk to strangers, and I’ve made deep lasting friendships everywhere.


Before I was 21, I ended up moving to the East Village in Manhattan where I discovered this magical purple building on my block.  I was in LOVE with it and wanted to live there.  I discovered that they had an underground theater on the first floor where they put on concerts and plays.  So I went to one of the performances and made friends with the folks there.  Turns out that they were living there RENT-FREE!

I told them I wanted to live there and they said that there was an apartment available for someone who could build a website for the theater.  Now, I had never made a website before – but I was in a computer class in college and I knew I could figure it out, so I said, “I make websites!”

I ended up moving in, making that website and staying there for 10 years RENT-FREE in a beautiful apartment in my favorite neighborhood that I renovated with a Jacuzzi bathtub, no less!

And to top that, the amazing jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis would come and play a private concert in our theater every Christmas. In 2004, we recorded it and put out a CD that was nominated for a Grammy that year!  And that little website I built for the theater turned into a lucrative career as a freelance web-designer.

But It Wasn’t Always That Good:

As much as I always had a great mindset, I wasn’t always so successful.  I knew and read about the law of attraction, but I wasn’t putting it into action in all areas of my life.  I paid for much of my travels and my yoga teacher’s training with my credit cards and ended up in over $38,000 of debt.

I was diagnosed with severe cervical dysplasia and got the shingles due to stress waiting tables during college.  After school, I spent years working as a freelance web-designer for clients who were less than ideal and with programmers who were less than reliable.  I took on jobs just for the money, and not for the passion.  I had many love affairs, but not one serious long-term relationship.

Once I learned the tools for manifesting, I was able to change my money mindset and pay off all of my debt in less than a year.

I stopped working for and with the people I didn’t want to, healed my body naturally, got into the best shape physically that I’ve ever been in, attracted my soulmate, gave birth to a beautiful daughter at home, work only a few hours a day, hired help, AND I form my schedule around yoga and time with my family.

I started paying even more attention to my intuition and took classes to develop my psychic abilities.  I participated in spiritual workshops and retreats, studied everything about the law of attraction I could get my hands on – and realized I had pretty much been using it all along.

The difference is now I know how to teach others how to do it too.

It all started with a Manifestation Meditation I led at a friend’s house for a group of women on New Year’s Eve where I took them through their biggest dreams as if they’d already realized them.  It produced amazing results, and since then I haven’t stopped helping people achieve their visions.

The Queen of Manifestation and her baby girl

Yes! Life can be this easy, this much fun, and even more exciting than you can even imagine it as you’re sitting there now.

I love seeing people manifest their visions.

I’m you’re biggest cheerleader, the person who will send you every resource I have about a topic, every tool in the book, and every intuitive hit I get.  I am patient, generous, supportive, and non-judgmental. 

Just a warning: I’m known for kicking your dreams up a notch – so be prepared.

“I loved your E-book!  It was well thought out, easy to follow and great, practical advice!  You have such happy positive energy in the book– it makes it feel so possible.  I’m ready to start manifesting!!  This couldn’t have come a better time when I am struggling with the “Can I do it?” stage of my work.  I have to let that fear go, and your ebook gives me ways to get out of my way and live in my full potential. ”
– Kate Dimpfl, Founder of

Today you can find me in Brooklyn playing with our baby daughter, riding my bike, baking brownies, and practicing yoga in our backyard. Or you might just run into me halfway around the world lounging on a hammock drinking young coconut water, or backstage filming at your favorite concert.

So What Now:

You might say I’m lucky to live the life that I lead – but nothing is a coincidence. It’s all about your mindset, paying attention to the synchronicities, setting your intentions and having the tools to manifest your visions.  I have so many resources and stories to share. 

Join the manifestation movement and let me show you how! (They don’t just call me ‘the Queen’ for nothing!)

I can’t wait to meet you!

xoxo, Jen
Jen Mazer

Professional Bio

Jen Mazer Is the Queen of Manifestation. She’s always been able to dream up outrageous adventures and actually live them out – From rubbing elbows at a small private cocktail party hosted by Martin Scorsese, to living rent-free in the East Village of Manhattan for 10 years, to traveling the world (including 6 trips to Africa and an extended stay in India at an ashram), to having her artwork published in the New York Times, New York Magazine, and numerous national publications, and to paying off over $38,000 of debt in less than a year. Jen manifested the man of her dreams (a successful rock star) and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at home. Now Jen teaches women how to manifest their biggest dreams so that they can change the world with their great work.