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Lack of Evidence Got You Down? Manifesting a Grammy, a TEDtalk, and touring the world ain’t easy!

Does the lack of evidence of your big dream have you down? It’s that time of the year when our big resolutions fade and we give up hope. Our efforts seem to be in vain as things don’t appear to be moving fast enough. Ever been there? I certainly have.

Sometimes you’re spending all of your spare time and energy on a project, but you don’t see things getting off the ground. You think “Is this ever going to happen?”

That’s when so many people just give up.

But don’t worry, today I have the most amazing person here to tell you – it’s not all in vain. She’s living proof of the power of belief and steady dedication. If you just stay the course, you might actually be closer than you think!

I am so excited about today’s post because I’m about to introduce you to one of my very dear friends, the lovely Maya Azucena.

If you don’t know her, Maya is a Grammy award-winning singer and activist, TEDxWomen performer and speaker.

She was recently featured on MTV’s MADE and travels the world making music that matters. Maya collaborated with Stephen Marley on the Grammy winning CD “Mind Control.” She’s a US cultural ambassador and performs for many cross-cultural events around the world. Maya’s performed in front of 10′s of thousands of fans at large stadiums from Eastern Europe and Asia, to Central America, and Africa. Her latest albulm ‘Cry Love’ was listed by Amazon as one of the “Top Albums You May Have Missed.”

If you’ve never experienced her live, you’re in for a real treat. She has such an ability to draw people in, to rouse audiences to their feet, uplift their spirits, and to inspire them into action. Her music is beyond powerful and she gives back in a major way. Maya shares with us some truly inspirational messages about how she was able to manifest so much in her life and how you can too.

Watch our exclusive interview below to learn more about the causes she’s a part of and her advice for creative entrepreneurs who are looking to live their dreams. You don’t want to miss it!

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“Collaboration is key. View everyone around you as an opportunity.” – @MayaAzucena via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

“Create realistic expectations. Most things in the world are organic and grow with time.” – @MayaAzucena via@JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

“Put yourself in an environment where you’re being stretched.” – @MayaAzucena via @JenMazer for #ManifestMondays

Maya has a new exciting video out with an amazing message. “Dance Revolution” is an original song by Maya Azucena, marking the 1-month countdown to One Billion Rising, a Global Day of Action to End Violence Against Women and Girls.

Statistics say 1 in 3 women and girls are abused or raped in their lifetime, amounting to roughly 1 Billion of the world’s population. Maya is one of those women, who endured years in a domestically violent relationship. One Billion Rising is a worldwide campaign, initiated by playwright and human rights activist Eve Ensler (author of Vagina Monologues & Founder of V-Day), to mobilize one billion women and girls by February 14th, 2013, to participate in a worldwide stand to stop Domestic Violence. Dance is the weapon of choice – a physical act of defiance.

Click here to watch Maya’s stunning performance, “Dance Revolution” for the One Billion Rising Campaign.

And then click here to find an event near you.

Remember that everything in life is organic and seeds take time to root and then grow.

Trust that you are manifesting right now and you’ll be harvesting your crop and reeping the rewards of your dedicated practice sooner than you know it! Stay positive. You are creating great things.

I’d love to hear what YOU’RE working on. Tell me in the comments below the one major thing you want to manifest this year. What seeds are you currently planting?

xoxo, Jen

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Blaine Reply

Maya is a force of nature. How inspiring, thanks so much for this interview!

    jen Reply

    Aww you’re welcome Blaine! So glad you enjoyed it. She definitely is an inspiration.

Christina Reply

…and I love how Maya says she found an overwhelming urge to use music as a tool for activism and healing. Excellent interview – I am blown away by her passion and purpose. So inspiring. You rock, Jen! Can’t wait to see more Manifest Mondays 🙂

Christina Caudill Reply

From the very beginning, “That’s when so many people just give up” <- Yes, and so many people don't realize just how close they are to where they want to be when they throw in the towel!

    jen Reply

    Yes, so true Christina!

Lorena Reply

Jen– this video was so inspiring… I got the chills watching Maya say: if you are an artist, be an artist, act as an artist. Thank you for sharing this interview with us!

    jen Reply

    Aww yay. Thanks Lorena! So glad you got so much out of it. And I hear you, I got the chills so many times when she spoke. Such true words of wisdom. 🙂 xoxo

Jo-Na Reply

Great Interview lady!

    jen Reply

    Thanks Jo-Na! 🙂

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