What to Focus on First When Manifesting

What to Do First


Can you believe it’s already February? Time is ticking.

It’s time to assess how you’re doing on your goals and dreams for 2015.

And the full moon this week is the perfect time to reflect, finish, and re-focus.

If you’re like me, you have A LOT of things that you want to do this year.

So the big question is, which one do you focus on first?

How do you decide which order to manifest things?

This has been a big question that’s come up in my Manifestation Masters Program. So I thought I’d make a quick video about it to share with you!

Watch this week’s Manifest Monday’s video to find out what to focus on first when manifesting a bunch of dreams:

So what dream of yours will have the biggest ripple affect on all of the others?

And what action step will you take right away to make movement on that dream?

Remember, start with one thing that will have the biggest impact.

Share in the comments below what that thing is for you – and how that will make a difference in your life. Then share what you’ll start doing today to bring it to fruition.

Your comments will inspire everyone else to take action on their dreams.

I can’t wait to read what you write!

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Love this! What to Focus on First when Manifesting your Dreams via @jenmazer

Sending you so much LOVE!

xoxo, Jen

P.S. If you want help figuring out which step to take first in manifesting your big dream, click here to apply for a free consultation with me.

I’d love to help you rock it out this year in your business and your life so that you can manifest all that your heart desires.

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DK Reply

My first focus is launching my institute.
This will allow me to get my new apt and countless other things in my mind movie.
I am happy because it is launching on Monday.

    jen Reply

    Awesome DK! 🙂 I hope you had a successful launch of your Institute! xoxo

Tania Reply

Thank you, Jen! I just connected to your site through Mashur Anam’s wonderful intro of you! I love his work and am so excited to get to know yours, as well. You are showing up for me at a wonderful time, as I am showing up for me in new and exciting ways.

My first focus is going to be on shifting and bringing in extreme joy in connection to my financial abundance. This connects to my own empowerment and by adding joy, I am infusing my relationship with money and my ability to receive it, with positive, JOY-FILLED feelings.

Thank you for sharing your light, I enjoyed the video.

manuela Reply

Thanks so much for this, Jen, that’s just what I needed:).
I will focus on financial abundance and greater stability and security. That will make a big difference in my life overall and impact all the other aspects of it.

    jen Reply

    You’re welcome! Those are wonderful things to focus on!

Donna Reply

The first thing I’m going to do is focus on my family’s ease and joy together. This will make the rest of my goals more accessible, because we’ll be able to work on them together with our less-stress-more-joy relationships. I’ll have room and space to accomplish my other goals.

    jen Reply

    Awesome Donna! 🙂

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