with the New Moon 

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How to Manifest NOW
with tonight's LEO Moon

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With Anne Hayman and Jen Mazer



Tuesday, August 2nd

5:00pm - 6:00pm PDT (California)

8:00pm - 9:00pm EDT (New York)

Tap into the powerful energy of the New Moon in Leo!

Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the sun and embodied by a lion. Leos are passionate, generous, warm-hearted, and creative. They put forth beauty. They chase after what they want.

Make the most of the new moon rising in Leo this month and get ready for a burst of energy and purpose.

Get in touch with Ancient Wisdom to Manifest your Vision! 

You will discover:

How to tap into your strength and step into being the biggest + brightest version of yourself

 How to set intentions with this in mind

 How to use the lioness goddess energy to manifest money

Experience a grounding meditation + new moon intention setting ritual

 PLUS Anne will do a crystal prescription for the new moon cycle

 PLUS learn how you can get access to Anne's Moon Phases 101 E-course for free

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