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How I Manifested my Soulmate & Our Amazing Daughter

Let’s start backwards. Today I have a beautiful 9 month-old daughter with the man I have been totally in love with for the past 7 years. Today we are in a great committed relationship and truly support each other in raising our child and with our own creative endeavors. Yes it’s true: I actually intended for all of this to happen!

But it wasn’t always this way. Here’s my ‘not-so-crazy’ story on how I manifested my relationship and our daughter.

Go back to when I was 3 months pregnant – I had been asked to paint this piano for a public park in NYC as part of Sing for Hope:

sing for hope piano

Photo: Wendy Goodman for New York Magazine

When I was getting ready to plan my design for my piano, I looked around my studio for a big journal so that I could sketch it out. The largest one that I could find was an old sketchbook that I hadn’t opened in years. But it was perfect. I pulled it out, and to my surprise, tucked into the inside cover were folded pieces of paper where I had written out my intentions during a new moon manifestation ritual 5 years earlier! It was when my love and I had just started dating, and I had forgotten that this even existed. Here I was 3 months pregnant getting ready to read what I had written so long ago. I opened up the pages and got chills when I read this on the first page:

Well, the homes all over the world part is yet to come! But the rest was so incredible to read at that moment. We hadn’t yet found out the sex of our child, but in the end, it was a girl. I had always wanted a girl! I cried when I read it. Yes, I might have been extra emotional because I was pregnant. But it was so beautiful to see the power of my intentions and that everything had happened just as I had written it.

Jen Mazer pregnant

Photo by Angie Dykshorn

The lesson is:

There is power in getting clear on what you want to manifest in your life.

You have to know what you want in order to attract it to you. Otherwise things will keep showing up that you’re not so sure are the right fit because the universe hasn’t been told what to do.  Even before writing the intentions above, I had made a list of all of the qualities I wanted in a soulmate.  I still have that list, and my love fits the bill pretty closely.  I always recommend people do this if they’re looking to attract someone into their lives.  My big tip for manifesting anything is to take the time to sit with yourself and get clear on your vision. Then get specific and write it out.

Try this exercise:

Write down your intentions in all areas of your life:

  • Home
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Health
  • Spirituality

What do you truly want to create or manifest? Is it your soulmate? A gorgeous home on the beach? A successful art exhibition? Your own business? A healthy body? Practicing yoga everyday? Make sure to write in the present tense as if everything has already happened.  You need to step into the vibration of already having what you want in order to attract it to you.  It’s even more powerful if you do this during a new moon (which happens to be this weekend in Virgo.)

Here’s our new family just one week after our daughter was born:

Jen Mazer Family

Photo by Angie Dykshorn

So what do YOU really want to manifest in your life?

When was the last time you wrote out your intentions? Leave a comment in the box below with the one big thing that you want to create right now. Write it in the present tense as if it already is here. Declare it and the universe will come out to support you!

xoxo, Jen

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Chris Reply

I love your story Jen. I am manifesting a new home for me in Europe, with a wonderful soulmate, a abundance of wealth, a healthy mindset and healthy in shape body. I’m starting my list today 🙂

AnnujaS Sanghvi Reply

I am happily married to a successful stable fun loving man who I find so very attractive. We share values of bringing the ideals to earth, travel, exploring life, art, music, dance and culture. We have an amazing set of supportive and fun family and friends who we share our weekends with and go camping traveling with. He is intelligent social fun loving and easy going and has an amazing sense of humour. He handles stuff confidently ans easily. I feel like completely at peace happy and know he is the soulmate one my heart. We are respected members of Soceity… contributing positively to it.

Tasha Reply

I’m in loving Committed relationship with the love of my life Paul. We are engaged to be married soon be for the birth of or twins Legend and Legacy, I am restaurant owner and he have two 18 wheelers

nicole Reply

I made a vision board to manifest my intentions …. I have working out and meeting the love of my life, motivation quotes like she wanted to be hero so she became one .. another one was becoming a registered nurse so I put sticker compassion caring .. nurses rock …. it looks awesome but I still need too add my dream home and what I want to manifest for my kids places I want to go….

Rachel Reply

I am claiming out loud that I am gratefully and joyously living my dream of being a professionally successful, financially stable opera singer, signed with a reputable European agent who is excited about me and works hard for me by getting me a lot of auditions, and that I am singing at least three important gigs a year, as well as teaching a full voice studio at home where I can give back to the community and train the next generation!

April Reply

I m inspired by your post along with everyone else’s. I’ve recently started to manifest my dreams of having a child. I created a pocket size declaration of my wants and carry it everywhere with me. I would love twins but I don’t want to be greedy. How can I approach this?

David Reply

Hi Jen,
I thought I’d share my manifestation experiment. Last year I decided I needed a change living in Canada. I decided I want to travel the world living from tropical paradise to the next. To find extreamly smart intuitive people who could spiritually and mentally challenge me, and to be financially independent and an authority in my field of study.
Today, I am living in Puerto Rico, moving to Mexico in September. Amazing people are simply finding me on the street or in bars that want to have deep spiritual and cerebral conversations. I am working online, and had someone ask me to train them, so they flew here for two weeks for instruction, and I am being talked about in circles I never knew existed.
Just want to say, I am much more conscious of what I decide I want to manifest, but thought I’d share a missing link for the benefit of all. You can manifest anything you desire, but in order for it to endure it must be a loving act.

    jen Reply

    Love that David. Thanks so much for sharing. And so true. It does need to be loving. xoxo

Nam Reply

Thank you for sharing Jen, truly inspiring and beautiful!!

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[…] How I Manifested my Soulmate & Our Amazing Daughter […]

olivia Reply

iam so happy and grateful now that iam in aloving,committed fun relationship with Tom,on my birthday.
We are incredibly happy,we have so much fun together,we support each other in our dreams.
Tom gives me cute presents,we have incredible chemistry and he tells and shows me how much he loves me everyday.
He is the father of our beautiful daugher Aria Thomas,she is beautiful and he is agreat dad.
Thank you for my dream husband,and thank you for TOm,he makes all my birthdays declarations of his love for me and iam so happy and grateful he is mine.
Love ,

    jen Reply

    Olivia, you did such a fabulous job envisioning and declaring what you want to manifest as if you already have it! I love that you named them. Doesn’t it feel good to step into the vision of having Tom & Aria in your life?

Maiga Reply

Just seeing this Jen! Beautiful. Like you!

I know what each day looks like: wake early, greet the sun in my own body through yoga, greet it in others by teaching yoga. Work on our land, harvest food, get my hands in soil. Run. Eat healthy food, hang laundry on the line, invest in my life. Afternoons, write. I write! Sometimes work with Kevin on landscaping projects that reflect environmentalism, art, & place. Sometimes work with clients on yoga, travel planning, or officiating ceremony. One day, children are with us. We home school them, take them with us to Ethiopia, Peru, Brazil, Mozambique, Cambodia, & everywhere else on this vibrant planet. We play guitar and sing together, as Kevin and I do now. We take dance classes together. We create.

    jen Reply

    Aww, yay! Love this Maiga!! 🙂 I love that you took a moment to write it all out NOW. What a beautiful vision. You’re already doing it. And I would love for our family to play with yours in an adventure around the world! Let’s pick a place and set a date.. 2014? 😉 xoxo

Merja@Glowing Balance Reply

Thank you Jen! I believe that one of my problems is that I haven’t been clear enough, instead I feel like a whirlwind constantly changing my mind. What seems to always come through however is that I need to learn to love and appreciate myself without letting outer achievements to define my self-worth. I will definitely take some time and write these things down!

    jen Reply

    What a great comment Merja! So many people struggle with changing their minds. It will definitely help to write down everything you think you want. Then you can go back over that list and cross off anything that you’ve been holding onto, but no longer resinates with your spirit. Automatic writing is a great exercise for connecting to your true source. You can then focus on what you do love. Know that no matter where you’re at on your journey, you are always in the perfect place. Once you’re clear on your list, make sure to write your intentions out as if everything you’ve asked for is already here. Here’s to manifesting the life of your dreams!

Sabrina at MyMiBoSo Reply

Beautiful post Jen and lovely intro video!

I am manifesting a handful of beautiful souls who are ready to commit to working together one-on-one as I guide them to reclaim their joy in life!

I’m also manifesting a creative, intuitively guided program for even more souls to dive into :).

Loads of manifesting around here – thank you for reminding me to bring my intentions and attention in line!

    jen Reply

    Thanks Sabrina. YES! What a beautiful mission. Here’s to many successes. You are already there 🙂

Stephanie Watanabe Reply

What an inspiring post Jen, thank you! Right now I’m wanting to manifest is financial abundance/independence, a well nourished and deeply healthy body + mind and more FUN! 🙂
I will definitely be creating my list this weekend. Great post.

    jen Reply

    Woohoo! Way to declare it Stephanie! Make sure that when you write them this weekend, you state it as if you already have all of the above 😉 xoxo

Jia Ni Reply

Love this Jen!! Thank you for sharing – I’ll be doing this tonight.

P/S: Also realize that I’ve been subconsciously doing this and manifesting amazing things! Will make it a conscious habit now! 🙂

    jen Reply

    Awesome Jia Ni! Yes – the more conscious habits we can make, the more successful we’ll be. 🙂

Jo-Na Reply

I love this advice and I will definitely be making my list tonight! Thank you Jen!

    jen Reply

    Yay! You are so welcome Jo-Na. Can’t wait to hear what’s on it!

    Helen Reply

    I have my desires i wrote alot to the universe for it , really want it soon , i have faith, i believe it will come

      jen Reply

      Awesome Helen! Writing down your intentions and having the belief that they will manifest is so important 🙂

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