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What to Do When You Feel like a Fraud

We’ve all been there.  You’re working on your big dream. You’ve gotten clear on what you want. But it still seems far off. It feels out there in the distance. Fake. Too big. Too unrealistic.

Or you’re doing the work, but you don’t truly believe it yourself. You’re wondering when other people might catch on that you’re a fraud.

There’s actually a coined disease for this:

Impostor Syndrome. Yeah.

Things might actually be going well for you, and you might stop and think that you don’t truly deserve the success because you’re not good enough, or you’re not the expert. But you know what?

There will ALWAYS be people out there who want the information or talent that you have at whatever level you’re at.

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Trust that you are enough.

Most successful people feel this way at some point or another. Take my love, for example. He’s the lead singer for a well-known band that’s toured the world, been featured on the front page of the New York Times and major magazines, performed on late night talk shows, and even opened for James Brown. But you know what? He still sometimes feels like he’s not good enough. Us creative types especially have this yearning for perfection.

But what sort of confirmation are you waiting for? You have to start somewhere.

So how can you get back into that space of truly believing that it’s possible? That you deserve success now.

Don’t wait until you feel confident to start putting yourself out there. True courage comes from taking risks. You’ll believe it’s possible once you take action. So I invite you to change your behavior first, and then allow your confidence to build.

I lay out my favorite manifestation tool for doing just this in the video below:

Get excited! Acting As If is about stepping into your vision and experiencing what it’s like to be the dream you. When you act as if, your energy turns into one of expansiveness rather than one of fear.

You’ve got to play the part in order to attract others to support you in your vision. If you don’t believe it can happen, no one else will!

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When I was still in college, I got business cards made that said “Jen Mazer, Artist.” At the time I thought, ‘Who am I to say this? I’m not a working artist.’ I was only in art school. But I did it anyway – and guess what? I started showing my artwork, and people starting referring to me as as ‘Jen Mazer, Artist!’ Since then my work has been published in the New York Times and featured in New York Magazine.

So think about your BIG Dream. Ask yourself what is it that you want to become more of in your life? Declare it. Here’s how I’m going to help you step into that role.

My Challenge to you:

Get dressed up as the DREAM YOU and go someplace where the DREAM YOU would hang out.     

For example, if the dream you has a hot body, you might want to treat yourself to the upscale gym and take one of their classes. Most of them offer a free trial membership. Or maybe you just make an awesome healthy meal at home. If the dream you is a successful filmmaker, you might go to a film screening. Or maybe in your ideal life, you’ll be having fine dinners out.  So why not enjoy one now? Get dressed up and go to the fanciest restaurant near you. See how it feels to be dining amongst other wealthy people. You might just order a drink, but you’ll be in good company.

Like I said in the video, it doesn’t have to cost you a penny. You can start acting as if you really DO have the money to make these choices now. Like test driving the car, viewing the new house… Get the picture?

When you Act As If, you are literally creating the environment of the person you’re pretending to be.

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Even though you might not fully believe it yet on the inside, your outward behavior helps get you there. You don’t have to think a thought first before taking action. You can also do the reverse.  For example: when you’re happy, you smile. AND if you smile, you become happy.  Smiling first is Acting As If. Does this make sense?

It’s actually common practice to Act As If in certain disciplines like yoga – where the physical postures (asanas) are really there as tools to get you to a higher state of consciousness. Pretty cool, huh? Think about it, haven’t you ever gotten a new haircut or a new outfit, and then you found yourself acting different.  You were probably more confident afterwards, right?

If acting as if seems hard, remember that you are WORTHY.

You deserve to have your ideal life. You can be that person NOW. Remember you’re not alone. Stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone can feel awkward at first.

There is nothing stopping you but yourself.

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So get dressed up, go out and have some fun!  You might meet some interesting people there. And who knows where those connections can lead?

Now I want to hear from you.

How can you Act As If now to bring your dream closer to you? Get inspired and leave a comment below with how you’re going to act as if. And come back to this page to report what you experienced!!

xoxo, Jen
P.S. If you’re having trouble with this exercise, and want some coaching support around not feeling worthy, just fill out this brief questionnaire, and I’ll get in touch!

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Minling Reply

Amazing post! I’ve done visioning, but never tried “playing the part”. Sounds like so much fun!! I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for this video!

    jen Reply

    Ooh, how exciting Minling! You are so welcome. xx

Sabrina at MyMiBoSo Reply

What a beautiful reframe, Jen! Acting “as if” is such a key to manifestation – and there isn’t anything fraudulent about that (despite my ego’s story otherwise!).

    jen Reply


Heather Reply

I totally agree with you that you need to step up and act the part. I don’t know if going to fancy restaurants will attract money but I know that in business, even if you just have a few clients, you need to act like you are successful and busy. Otherwise people will smell your hesitation a mile away! Good post!

    jen Reply

    Yes, so true Heather. Acting successful brings in more success. But be careful what you ask for. You might not want to be busy. But act as if you already have a full roster of satisfied clients 😉 xx

Leanne Chesser Reply

I have felt like a fraud because I did NOT believe in myself fully. I agree, though, that there are always people who want what I offer. I like your acting as if philosophy and I have read that elsewhere before. I also agree that there is nothing stopping you (me) but yourself (myself). So true!

    jen Reply

    Mm.. Yes. Love that you recognize it was only you stopping yourself from getting what you wanted. Now is the time to act as if!

Lori | Simply Free Blogs Reply

I am seriously strapped for money right now, but I want to play with the big dogs! I know that I need some more training on a few things, and so I dropped $800 on a course that’s going to help me kick butt!! I’m nervous about spending that kind of coin right now, but I know that when I’m super wealthy, I’ll invest heavily in myself. So I’m starting now!! Thanks for the inspiration! I can’t wait to see what I can create!

    jen Reply

    Awesome Lori! Love it. And when you invest in yourself, it always comes back to you. Excited to see what you create! xx

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