How to Take Advantage of New Moon to Manifest

How to Take Advantage of Today’s New Moon to Manifest

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m all about using the energy of the moon cycle to help you manifest. When you do, it’s like you’re moving with the current to get what you desire, instead of pushing against it.

Imagine if receiving all that you desired was as simple as floating along a river, being gently guided by the momentum of the tide until you’re joined with another water source equally powerful and more expansive.

Streams of support rush in to greet you. The water becomes clearer and the vision grows stronger.

This is how manifestation works.

We’re all being pulled towards our desires. We can either ignore them, resist them, or join forces. They’re calling us, and the universe is waiting to support us with an infinite supply of resources to manifest them.

So how can you tap into this support system to help you manifest?

Knowing how to utilize the energy of today’s new moon will help you turn the tide on your big dreams.

Today’s manifesting energy is especially powerful.

Many of us have been feeling off center and anxious lately.

It’s like we’re stuck in a holding pen – our water not being able to flow freely. We know we’re meant to move with ease, but have been feeling blocked or held captive.

Today – Monday, August 25th is a new moon in Virgo. And there are some interesting planetary alignments happening that are ushering in a shift, allowing us to finally move forward on our dreams.

This new moon is an opportunity to clear out those old limiting beliefs and feelings of guilt or anxiety that no longer serve you so that you can reach new depths and embrace the expansiveness of the life that you now call in.

So, where to begin?

It starts right here in the present moment, using these guiding principles:


This inspirational quote literally jumped out at me today. It was a sign from the universe that I had to share with you.

You can apply the guiding principles of the statements above to call in your desires right now.

Here are 4 Simple Things that you can do TODAY to take advantage of this powerful new moon energy to manifest:

#1. Attract

Every new moon is the perfect time to write down your intentions for what you want to manifest.

I actually wrote out my intention for my love (and now father of our daughter) many new moons ago. And it all manifested exactly how I had written it.

Here’s how to do it:

Write affirmations out in the present tense as if everything you want is already happening.

Take the time to do this by hand in a journal or on some paper. It’s more powerful when it’s hand-written because you’re tapping into higher guidance.

Allow yourself to feel into what you truly want, not what other people want for you. These intentions are for yourself only. So don’t limit yourself. Instead, reach for expansiveness. You should feel lit up with excitement as you write them.

#2. Reflect

Recognize the feelings that have been showing up in  your life lately. Is there something that’s been keeping you stuck?

Where can you allow in greater ease & awareness? Perhaps something needs to shift. It’s okay. Instead of dwelling on what isn’t working, allow yourself to call in a new opportunity that meets your needs and desires as they are now. We’re always growing and changing. Today is a chance to let go of something that isn’t allowing movement, in order to make space for the flow.

Focus on You.

It’s time to Forgive Yourself.

You can make it a ritual, do a guided visualization or some EFT tapping. But take the time to fully let go and give yourself extra love. You’re perfect just the way you are, and everything that you’ve been through has led you to this present moment where there’s infinite potential awaiting you.

#3. Become

Now that you’ve let go of what’s no longer serving you, it’s time to step into the new you.

Who do you want that to be?

Take some time to do a visualization or a simple meditation.

Just BE.

Stay in the present and allow in the abundance that naturally wants to come in. There’s nothing blocking you now. Just be quiet and allow it to come to you.

#4. Mirror

To mirror what you admire is not simply about doing what other successful people do (although that is a great start.)

Instead, I want you to imagine yourself standing in the center of a bridge, leaning over to look at the water below.

You see your reflection – and it looks even more magical from this viewpoint. You exist on many realms at once. That shimmering light that you see in the water also lives inside of you. The way that your reflection melts into the trees and the air and the water that you see below – so that you can no longer tell where one begins and one ends – That is your true nature.

That is law of vibration.

You are a part of the entire universe. There is no separation. And there is nothing more natural than you living out your desires. Instead of mirroring others, I invite you to mirror nature.

Whatever nature is around you right now, take the time to experience it. Go outside. Breathe some fresh air. Mirror how resilient nature truly is. There’s always new growth after a fire.

This new moon is your opportunity for a new birth. It’s your chance to steer the ship and charter new waters.



I would love to hear from you. How will you Attract, Reflect, Become, and Mirror your desires on this new moon? 

Share your intentions or ahas in the comments below.

We can all benefit from the support of this community as we allow in even more ease & flow into our lives.

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Robyn Paulete Reply

Hi sweet lady…
Been appreciating you and all the ways you reach out, thank you. This was a powerful day of difficult emotions and I’m really grateful to be ending it with new moon meditations…thanks for the invite. Looking forward to some more sharing with you soon. Xoxo

    jen Reply

    Aww so so happy to hear that Robyn. It’s been an emotional time. You’re not alone. Happy you were able to do some meditating tonight! Sending you love! xoxo

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