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New Moon Manifesting Success

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The New Moon in Taurus Sunday – ruled by Venus – will be calling in love, money and self-worth.

We’ll use these powerful themes to plant the seeds for your goals and dreams.

Get in touch with Ancient Wisdom to Manifest your Vision! 

You will discover:

• How to elicit this particular new moon’s feminine power of Medusa,
that if harnessed well – can invoke a force of assertiveness and personal power.

• How to create more ease and alignment in manifesting.

• What you need to do to make the most of this month’s energy.
We will lead you through a live step-by-step process to set your intentions.

• Experience a guided visualization to release and reclaim your own power.

• Learn how YOU can become a Manifestation Master!

• PLUS you’ll be sent the recording of this event just for registering.

PLUS find out how to get a FREE Private Astrology Reading with Christina Caudill,
and a copy of Anne Hayman’s Full Moon Manifesting Course for FREE.