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Digging Deep, Facing Self: We are rare jewels


People often ask me how I felt naming my business.

Well, the truth is, I didn’t come up with the name Queen of Manifestation. It was actually given to me by a friend.

There’s a little story behind it.

Meet the woman who Erykah Badu calls a “rare jewel”:

Caits Meissner.

Caits has a rare gift for words.

She’s a poet, storyteller and arts educator. Caits’ work has been published in numerous journals and anthologies, her album got rave reviews, and she’s graced the stages of many famous New York City venues. But that’s not why I love her.

You see, Caits and I met in McCarren Park in Brooklyn on my way to a craft festival years ago. We were crossing paths, and she stopped me and told me that she liked my earrings.

I told her that I made them. Thus, a friendship was born.

Later (and seemingly unconnected), I was hanging out in the recording studio with Stephen Marley while he was rehearsing with a friend.

A woman came in whom I didn’t know. She was sweet, but we didn’t really talk. We sat next to each other on the couch singing verses of Bob’s famous ‘Soul Rebel’ with Stephen Marley and my friend in his band. I left with amazing memories of an intimate jam session, but never got that woman’s information.

We ran into each other many times in New York over a span of months – and finally one day (also in a park – This time Central Park), we stopped to talk. She said, “I always see you around town. What do you do?”

At the time, it was web design. And it turned out that she needed a website for her band.

Fast forward a few months after making her website, and she – Maya Azucena – became one of my closest friends. And it turns out that the other girl from the park in Brooklyn who liked my earrings – Caits – was Maya’s best friend.

Coincidence? I think not.
Synchronicity? Why yes… I think so. 😉

Now the story gets even better. Caits played a pivotal role in my life – which you’ll soon discover. And as it turns out, I played a pivotal role in hers as well.

First – a little bit more on Caits.

Caits is also an educator. She’s extensively taught youth and adults in poetry and multi-media expression through places like the Brooklyn Museum, the Tribeca Film Institute and the Lower Eastside Girls Club.

But what I’m most proud of – and I think she’d agree – is her work teaching an online class she created: Digging Deep, Facing Self – a 30 day online intensive writing course designed to uplift, heal & transform women into their boldest selves.

I wanted to introduce you to my dear friend and graduate of my Manifestation Masters Program: Caits Meissner, the woman who first called me the Queen of Manifestation.

Watch this week’s Manifest Monday’s video to find out how Caits left her day job as an educator and has created a business and life that she loves (and then read on for more on my name):

Isn’t Caits magical?

If you too want to experience Caits firsthand and discover or reconnect with your rare jewels, I encourage you to grab one of the last spots in her Mythic Beings Yoga and Writing Retreat in Vermont. You can find out more here.

And if you want more Caits and perhaps want to get in touch with your inner writer, you can find out more aobut the next round of Digging Deep, Facing Self. You can check out her vulnerable and inspiring writings here.

Now as promised, onto my name. I told you Caits had a gift for words.

Well a few years ago, I found myself at a women’s gathering on New Year’s Eve leading a visualization exercise to step into your big dream for the following year. Caits was there, and she introduced me to the group. She said, “This is Jen Mazer. She’s the Queen of Manifestation.”

And in that moment, I owned it. I was the Queen of Manifestation.

My friends had always known me for these magnificent tales of manifestations (like hanging out in the studio with Stephen Marley!) Every time we would get together, I always had a new exciting story to tell. So when Caits called me the Queen – I liked it.

And when I was thinking about starting a business teaching other women how to manifest their most exciting lives, it was natural that I would use the title bestowed upon me: The Queen of Manifestation.

Thank you Caits!

So Caits and I want to hear from you.

Here’s a writing prompt:

How are you a rare jewel? Share a piece of your writing and vulnerability in the comments below. We can all be inspired by your love for yourself in writing.

Have a friend who could benefit from this message? Share this with them.

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The name ‘Queen of Manifestation’ was given to @jenmazer by @caitsmeissner, who Erykah Badu calls her a rare jewel. http://bit.ly/1kqSBVA

We can’t wait to read your own story.
Sending you so much LOVE!

xoxo, Jen

P.S. I have one spot left for a VIP Day with me while I’m in Europe: Choose either Barcelona or London in June. You’ll get a full day to focus on building your big dream. Just the two of us! If you’re interested in taking the last spot, send an email to info [at] queenofmanifestation.com with the subject, ‘I want to be a Royal VIP’ and a member of our team will get right back to you with all of the details.

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