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Why J.K. Rowling says Failure is actually a GOOD thing

I’m in London right now and just got back from exploring the ancient Egyptian artifacts at the British Museum with my daughter. They also happen to have a super yummy cafe there. Did I mention that I’m a food lover?

Here I am wondering around the Camden Town markets with my homemade falafel in hand pushing the stroller.


We arrived last week from Spain and are having fun spending time with family, siteseeing, and soaking in our new surroundings. And since I’m in England I thought that this would be the perfect time to share with you some wisdom from J.K. Rowling, the British writer known for her Harry Potter series.

I often mention her incredible story to my clients.

Her manuscript was rejected 12 times before a publishing house in London gave her the green light. And that was a year later.

What if J.K. Rowling had given up after 10 tries? We wouldn’t have the amazing novel and movie series that are loved by millions today. She would have stayed in poverty – and would never have seen the success she now experiences.

The lesson?

She wasn’t afraid of failure. And she didn’t give up. She had faith in her vision.

In her inspirational commencement speech from Harvard University, J.K. Rowling shares more of her story and why failure is actually a GOOD thing. She talks about how imagination played a key part in her success as well.

Watch it and prepare to be inspired below:

J.K. Rowling experienced a failed marriage, poverty, was a single mom, had parents who were disappointed in her choices – and yet she didn’t let any of that stop her.

You too have the power to turn everything around.

You don’t have to please everyone. You only have to please yourself.

So what do you want to do? I want to encourage you to use your imagination and come up with the biggest dream for yourself. Include giving back to others in it, and the universe will surely have your back.

Don’t give up on your big dream. Trust that it IS happening.

One more phone call, email, or action may be the one that makes all the difference.

What big project are you working on right now?

I invite you to share what you’re manifesting in the comments below. Write it out as an affirmation in the present tense – even if it hasn’t happened yet. You’ll be sending a clear message to the universe – and to yourself that you trust without a doubt that it is happening. And if you’ve failed at something and learned a great lesson from it, please tell us in the comments. We can all be inspired by your affirmations and stories.

And lastly – I want to leave you with this that my sister told me once:

If you’re not afraid, you’re not dreaming big enough.

I want to go one step further:

Failure is a good thing. It means you’re reaching new heights. Embrace it as you would change, because only through failure can we learn our greatest lessons. 🙂

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Sending you so much LOVE!

xoxo, Jen

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DK Reply

I am so happy now that I have my new 1 bedrooom apt in Murray Hill.
I continue to live rent free with expenses totaling a couple of hundred per month.
It is interior designed perfectly.
I love my view of the NYC skyline.
I love that I live alone-no roomates.
I love that I have an agreement to live here 1 year or more.
I love greeting the doorman daily and I love using all of the facilities.
This is such a convenient place for me to live to work on all of my other manifestations.
My allergic reaction has since vanished since moving into my lavish apt.
Happy Happy Joy Joy

DK Reply

I too have been living in NYC rent free for a couple of years. This time around I would like to manifest an apt where it 1.) FEELS like it is mine 2.) I can have this place for 1+year 3.) I would live free or pay $500 a month in rent 4.) no roommate 5.) location would be midtown or downtown Manhattan 6.) view of the skyline 7.) doorman + facilities 8.) huge closet 9.) interior designed perfectly

I have had a serious allergic reaction to the animal that lives in my current place (where I live rent free)… So I need to move ASAP. Ironically I have been living in this rent free place since Feb and I have not had any allergy to this animal. Now all of a sudden I do! The universe is telling me to move…lol.

Debra Mazer Reply

I am manifesting my new website being up + running by August 15th (Yes, that’s a month + a half or LESS!!)!

I am creating drawing in the perfect Assistance/ Web Priestess/ Web Designer who I feel 100% confident with, beyond a shadow of a doubt! Who totally “gets” me AND is a web whiz AND demonstrates amazing attention to detail. Totally Polished + AWESOME. AND I can totally afford their rates! It feels like a WIN-WIN! + It is DONE. It is DONE. It is DONE.

I am SOOO HAPPY with my New Website!!! I want to EAT it, it feels like a shiny piece of (all-natural) CANDY! Everyone else wants to eat it too! They want to eat up all my new offerings!

I feel amazing!

Ashe! Aho! + Blessed Be! And So It Is!!!

    jen Reply

    And so it is! 🙂

Jamie Reply

I have felt like a failure in terms of my day job/ earning income. I have gotten so mad at myself for accepting low paying high stress jobs just because I didn’t know what else to do- how to survive.

I’ve been applying for new jobs and have heard nothing.

Then I manifested change.

I wrote my 2 weeks notice letter. It’s in my computer, all ready for a date and to be printed. And since that time, I’ve gotten 3 interviews!! yay for moving forward.

    jen Reply

    Yay Jamie!!

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