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What Breastfeeding Taught Me about Manifesting


Okay, I have to be honest. I wasn’t going to write this post.

You see, I made this video and then watched it with my love and thought it was a little too out there for you… too revealing maybe… and a little too sexual.

But then this weekend something else happened to remind me of the flow of life. Our pipes bursted in our NYC home. You see, it was way below freezing here, and these things happen.

It was just after midnight on Friday night and I was about to go to bed after a fabulous day of interviews for my upcoming telesummit (more on that later!), but I decided to take a quick shower first. I knew the shower would refresh me and make me feel so good before climbing into bed. (You know that clean yummy feeling of slipping into bed after a warm shower or bath? Love it.)

But as I got out of the shower, I noticed water dripping down the wall coming from the vent. Turns out it was much worse on the other side of the wall in our laundry room! Water came pouring down and ended up flooding into our kitchen and going into the basement.

Luckily nothing was ruined. My love was able to turn off the water from the source and it was fixed by the next afternoon.

But the lessons (they were plenty!):

#1: Trust your intuition.

I almost went to bed without the shower but was feeling a little gross. Glad I took that shower before our water got turned off because I wouldn’t have been able to have one in the morning. I wanted to put it off because I was feeling lazy, but decided not to. I remembered how good it would feel to be clean, and decided to take action.

So #2: Don’t put things off.

If you have a nagging feeling you should do something, do it! Chances are that’s your intuition speaking to you. Don’t put off those signs, those big dreams – those beautiful urges you have. You’ll be so glad you took action.

#3. Remember how good it feels to have accomplished what you want to do.

It’s not only the feeling that will motivate your action, but it will also shift your vibration to draw in the opportunities that will actually make that thing you want happen.

#4. Ask for help.

If you could do it alone, chances are you already would have. We all need people to help support us in our visions. I needed my love to turn the water off – to keep me calm, and to make phone calls while I nursed our daughter back to sleep (Because she woke up when we went to check where the leak was coming from upstairs.)

So that brings me back to this video. Yes, I’m still nursing! Just a little bit now. It definitely comes in handy during those rough sleepy times. And so that makes this video relevant. I re-watched the video I made for you and decided to go with my first instinct: Show it to you!! It has a really good message that you need to hear!

So without further adieu, I give you: What Breastfeeding has taught me about Manifesting.

Watch this week’s Manifest Mondays episode to find out how you can apply this metaphor to your own life (whether you’re a woman who’s breastfed or not! It doesn’t matter):

So how do you switch from a lack mentality to one of infinite abundance?

Try this Money Creating Exercise:

Get out a piece of paper and write down the numbers 1 – 50.

Now go back and fill in 50 ways you can make money RIGHT NOW.
(This is especially good when you think you don’t have enough money.)

Now you might be resistant to this. What? 50? Do I really have to write that many?

YES. You do.. especially if you want to get the most out of this exercise. What will happen is that you’ll probably think of lots of other possibilities that you hadn’t thought of before. Where now you might be feeling stuck, limited by your own mind and current circumstances – After the exercise, you’ll have new creative actionable insights 🙂

It’s amazing what can happen when you do a free writing exercise. You often get in touch with your spirit – your intuition. You may be guided to write down someone who you can get in touch with to ask for help, or a hidden resource you had forgotten about.

Now the most important thing after you write this out is to TAKE ACTION.

Ideas are great – divine insight, hell yeah! But what’s better yet is to take action on what you’ve been guided to do. That’s the way even more abundance can come your way.

Remember, the universe has unlimited potential just waiting for you to claim when you’re ready.

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Now I want to hear from you. What’s the one thing that you’re going to take action on from your list? How can you make some extra money right now? Were you able to switch from lack to unlimited potential? Tell us in the comments below! We all can benefit from your experiences.

xoxo, Jen

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Jen Reply

This is amazing! I am actually breastfeeding my younger son to sleep. I have been actually worried about my supply as his daycare has been asking for more milk. Your video has reminded me to have an open and relaxed heart… And confidence that all will work out. Breastfeeding my older son taught me to live in the moment and relax . We nursed for three yrs, till his baby bro was born five months ago…confident now that I am living a more relaxed life, teaching yoga to kids, working less hours, spending more time w kids, w hubby, w inspiring girlfriends, and on my own health and happiness…thank u

    jen Reply

    I love that Jen! You are so welcome. xoxo

      Jen Reply

      Thanks ! After I wrote that my supply came back triple!
      Amazing! And things r starting to fall into place!

Brittney Reply

This was perfect for me to see today. I have been worrying about not having enough money and constantly figuring out each week how much money I want in my bank account after each bill. This stresses me out because it becomes obsessive and makes me worry. I realize that the universe has my back and I just have to trust. Thank you Jen! The analogy did make me giggle a bit 🙂

    jen Reply

    Yay Brittney! So glad it was helpful – and made you laugh 🙂

Jamie Reply

Loved this. It reminded me of an idea I heard or read somewhere about how a pregnant mother doesn’t worry about creating the baby- she knows the universe will take care of the eyes, the ears, the lungs… ect. She just let’s the universe create with her.

Your post is more focused on abundance and I love that b/c I struggle with the idea that “there is enough”. I even attribute my disordered eating to this idea…
Right now I want to apply it to my job/and unfullfilled dreams. I want to believe that if I tap it, it will be there.


    jen Reply

    Awesome Jamie! Yes – so true about not worrying about creating the baby – and just allowing the universe to create with her.

    Love that you’re applying this ‘enough’ feeling to your food AND your bigger career plans. Yes – unlimited potential if you tap in.


K Reply

Dear Universe,
Please send the BOOB! I am here, lips pursed, rooting around, ready to go! I’m taking action and bein positive and dreaming. Please send milk! Love, K

    jen Reply

    Ha, love that K!
    Keep going. I’m sure you’ll experience the flow 😉

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