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Are You Down with PPP?

You can tell that I’m the mom of a toddler because as I’m writing this post, all that I can hear is, “Today’s letter of the day is P”. Yep, I’ve been watching a lot of Sesame Street. And I used to watch it as a child.

I grew up celebrating Passover (a letter P), which happens to fall on today’s Manifest Monday. Passover is all about remembering your past (another P).

Well I have a special twist on that for you. Instead of remembering when we were oppressed, I want to invite you to remember the good in order to help you manifest.

It’s called Positive Proof from your Past.

Thats right. It’s a P Day all around. So when better than to introduce you to one of my favorite manifesting tools – PPP?!

Check out my short video below to learn all about how to use Positive Proof from your Past in order to stay positive and keep going for your big dream.

I have two easy ways you can incorporate PPP into your life.

Did you get out your piece of paper and write down your list?

Whenever you’re feeling doubtful or discouraged about your big dream, think of all that you’ve already manifested.

Think of something fabulous that you’ve accomplished in your life… something BIG that you’re super proud of.

YOU did this! It’s amazing. You are so powerful. If you could do that, you can do anything.

Remember that always.

That’s Positive Proof from your Past. Congrats, you’ve just gotten down with PPP.

Now help spread the word.

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I’d love to hear from you. How are you going to surround yourself with Positive Proof from your Past? Leave a comment below and tell me how this exercise has helped you!

xoxo, Jen





P.S. Do you celebrate Passover? If you want a fabulous way to upgrade your Passover rituals, check out the Open-Eyed Heart-Wide Haggadah my sister wrote on and the review from Alicia Silverstone.

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Sabrina @ MyMiBoSo Reply

Ooo, manifesting my first speaking engagement is definitely up there! Anytime I’m bummed, I watch a few moments of that vid, and it reminds me of the power of my own intention when it meets alignment and action!

Jenna Dalton Reply

Thanks, Jen! I LOVE this! I actually created a little vision board collage for the background of my laptop so every time I look at it when I’m bummed out about something I can think, “This is where I’m headed” and it perks me right up. I know adding to it by including some juicy awesomeness that I manifested from my past will help even more. Thanks!

claire Reply

Oooo! and PS! At the top of my list, I manifested my darling 5 year old!! woot woot!

    jen Reply

    Yes, you did! 🙂 xx

claire Reply

We just watched super why! this morning so I can so relate to your letter P. I love creating a list of my manifestations as a reminder. Maybe I will even do it up in sparkly markers to boot! Woot woot! Love your magical posts Jen!

    jen Reply

    Ooh, love the sparkly markers! 🙂 Thanks Claire.

Christina Reply

This post came at the perfect time! It’s been so long since I’ve manifested anything. But I have manifested some crazy amazing things in the past so I know for sure it’s possible 🙂

    jen Reply

    Love that Christina! You have manifested some pretty amazing things – and you can manifest even more! xx

Taraleigh Reply

This was so helpful and I loved it.

Damn….I have manifested so many things in my life from free trips to Costa Rica to my dream mastermind group to my ideal business to thousands of backstage passes and free concert tickets to the man of my dreams. Thank you for making this video to remind me of what I did. I am going to write them down in a pretty way and hang it up in my office like you suggested. I love that idea and to see a constant reminder. I can manifest anything I want!!!

You rock Queenie <3



    jen Reply

    Yay, you are a manifestation rockstar Taraleigh! You CAN manifest anything. I love how you’re going to incorporate PPP into your life! Beautiful. xx

Christie Reply

Jen – I laughed out loud when you said manifesting kids, cause that’s what I wrote down even before you asked us to write down a list. Everything else seems pretty small in comparison to that manifestation. Great video!

    jen Reply

    I love that Christie! It’s so true. We mothers are truly amazing. It’s good to remember that! If you’re a mom, you can do anything! xoxo

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