How to Deal with Resistance



Let’s face it. We all experience resistance at one point or another.

Maybe you’re dealing with it right now.

I was resisting earlier today.

I’m in the middle of writing my first book, and I was resisting setting aside the time to sit down and write it. I’m actually really excited about the book! But I was still resisting.

Have you ever felt resistance towards something that you’re excited about? Something that you know will be really good for you?

Well I’m happy to report that I spent the morning writing, and I feel SO good about how it’s all coming together!

Do you want to know how I overcame my resistance?


Watch this week’s Manifest Monday’s video to find out how to overcome resistance. It’s easier than you think:

So you see, resistance is actually a good thing.

It’s all about trust.

Remember, the universe is working on your behalf!

Now here are 2 of my favorite Louise Hay Affirmations for Resistance:

“I am willing to release the need for this problem or resistance.”


“I am willing to believe that I am the creator of my life. I welcome in new experiences and greater abundance. I trust in the universe.” – Louise Hay

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Share in the comments below how you’ve overcome resistance. Or what are you resisting?

Your comments will inspire everyone else.

Sending you so much LOVE!

xoxo, Jen

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  1. Thank you Jen! This message was so needed for me. I am meeting with a financial planner today and have lots of things cooking with work….so lots of resistance is showing up for me. Thank you for the re-frame that resistance is a good thing! I am moving! xoxo

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