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The Oprah Effect

Yesterday, after an event for women entrepreneurs put on by a friend, I left feeling inspired.

I was on a high from connecting with other women who shared my same passion and enthusiasm for what they were doing in the world.

So I did what all women do when they’re feeling inspired!

I stopped and bought a new pair of shoes, and then headed home. 😉

As I sat down on the NYC subway, I opened up the new edition of Fast Company magazine with Oprah Winfrey on the cover.

I was so excited to dive into her feature article because Oprah is one of my biggest inspirations.

And like her, I have a bunch of projects on the fire right now. So I wanted to learn how she manages it all.

(Side note: Have you seen Oprah’s new ‘Belief‘ series? It’s INCREDIBLE. Beyond incredible! You have to watch it.)


So I’m sitting there reading my Fast Company magazine with Oprah on the cover, and these two guys sit down next to me. The one to my right asks me, “What are you reading?”

I show him the magazine and tell him how much I love the article.

He seems engaged. He’s really interested in what Fast Company is all about. And I tell him how much I love their magazine, that it’s great for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

He asks me more about the magazine.

And next he asks if he can have it.

Not just read it.. or borrow it, but straight up, “Can I have it?”

I was shocked.

“No you can’t have it. It’s my only copy.”

But I LOVED the question.

I loved how he was pushing the envelope to see how far he could take this conversation and how much he could get out of it.

So I said, “But I loved that you asked. How cool!

Most people don’t ask for what they want.

Especially if it seems like they’ll get ‘no’ for an answer.”

And he told me he’s working on a new project where everyday he makes requests and is looking for a rejection.

I’m so intrigued. This guy knows so much about manifestation!

“YES!!! I love it,” I said. “Because if you’re not receiving rejections it means you aren’t reaching high enough and you won’t experience new results.”

We are so in sync. I ask him what he does, and he’s involved in a technology startup.


I ask him what he’s working on and we start talking… all the way to his stop. It comes on so suddenly he’s forgotten that he needs to get off.

So we have a quick goodbye and I say how nice it was to meet him and blow him and his friend a kiss along with my well wishes.

I couldn’t wait to come home and tell you about it!


Interactions like this fuel me. And I hope this inspires you.

What happens when you’re actually LOOKING for a rejection?

So I have a challenge for you.

What can you do in the next 24 hours to receive a rejection?

Practice getting comfortable receiving ‘no’ for an answer.

Then you won’t be so scared to go after a bigger dream where that’s a possibility.

Because the courage is in the ask itself. If you know you might receive a no, it’s not so scary. You can actually seek out the no.

Go for the no!


Because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone.

Chances are you’re playing small.

You know there are bigger things inside of you that are longing to emerge through you. But you’re scared to make the leap.. To take bigger risks.

You’re scared of rejection, of failure, or of the shame of looking bad.

But guess what?

Once you aren’t afraid of rejection, you can conquer anything!

You’re not attached.

Because with manifestation, you have the desire, belief and expectation that everything is working out in your favor.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you get rejected because you know in the end, it will all work out.

So my challenge for you today is to make a big ask and look for the rejection. See what ‘no’s you can get – because you just might receive a yes.

And wouldn’t that be fun?!

Now I’d love to hear from you!

What big ask did you make and what no’s did you receive? Did you get a yes? Share in the comments below how you intend to go for the no. And report back once you do! Your stories will inspire everyone else to go for their dreams.

Have fun with your rejections.

See how far you can stretch yourself!

Be the unexpected, and see what amazing reactions you can receive.

Have a friend who could use this message?

Share it with them!

Take this 24 hour challenge: “Go for the NO!”- @jenmazer, the Queen of Manifestation

(tweet that.)

Here’s to manifesting a life that you love!

xoxo, Jen

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Bent Casper Reply

Wow, this is so powerful Jen.

Looks simple on the surface but in reality it cuts down to something deeper within us. Many of us are dreaded with a NO response especially when it comes to something that we really want, and this makes us miss the moments and opportunities the universe presents to us.

As for me am putting this in practice right away : )

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