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The Difference between your Intuition and your Mind


Picture this.

You’re sitting in a meditation and all of the sudden your mind starts racing.

Thoughts pour in – and you start to push them away, telling yourself,

“Focus on your breath, focus on your breath…”

It seems like you can’t clear your head.

Have you ever felt this way?

Well what if those thoughts that came in during your meditation were actually coming from a higher source?

Could it be that you were actually tuning into your intuition – or did you just make it all up?

How do you tell the difference between your thoughts and your intuitive guidance? 

I’ve gotten this question a lot. So I decided to make this video just for you.

In this week’s video I lay out the the difference between “divine” guidance and the thoughts in your own head. Plus I share some simple tips to help you hone in on your intuition:

Awesome! Hope that helps you clear some of the confusion around your inner guidance.

Remember that it’s a practice… Both listening to your intuition AND learning to trust it!

The first thought that comes to your head is usually your intuitive guidance. Follow it.

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Now that you’re aware of the guidance coming your way, make sure take action on it! That’s where you’ll see the results.

The universe is co-conspiring in your favor. The more you’re open to receive – the more you will start noticing the signs and messages coming your way.

Alright, I want to hear from you!

How do you listen to your internal guidance?  Do you have a tip that I didn’t share in the video? Is there a time when you listened to your intuition and took action? Did something amazing happen? Share your story below! We all can benefit from your experiences.

xoxo, Jen

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M. Juliana Reply

Hey Jen!

Loved this vid + your tips 🙂 Particularly because tapping into Intuition is something I work with my clients on. My #1 tip for telling the difference between your intuitive voice and your ego voice is to pay attention to the tone.

Your intuition has this gentle confidence about it. While, the ego voice has a tone of snarkiness. I also advise to become the observer of your thoughts and ask what the intention is behind the thought. You can tell the ego thought because it will intend to induce fear + keep you small, while intuition intends to bring expansion + often induces peace or excitement..



    jen Reply

    Love that M! Yes, that is so true about your own thoughts being fear based while intuition brings expansion. Thank you for adding that we should pay attention to the tone of the voice we’re hearing. So key! xoxo

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