Video Training: Unlock Your Money Blocks - Queen of Manifestation

How to Unlock Your Money Blocks so that you can:

STOP settling for less than you deserve.
START manifesting more money with ease.
And STEP into an abundant lifestyle once and for all.

What would your life look like if you finally mastered your money?

Just Imagine...

  • Feeling confident charging what you're worth and receiving it
  • Being able to afford your dream vacation
  • Having a growing savings account
  • Knowing you're investing in your kid's future
  • Feeling good about the money you're creating
  • Knowing all of your bills are paid in full on time every single month
  • Having a plan for what you're bringing in for the next year
  • Making empowered choices
  • Being wealthy in every sense of the word

Yes, this is all possible!

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I manifested $40,000 during Money Masters!

"Before Money Masters, I found myself making more money and it going right back out the door...from a tenant not paying rent for several months to a car accident and more.

I set a goal of attracting $40,000 by the end of the program. At first, it was a struggle to stop focusing so hard on how & where it would come from, but I ended up making my goal in ways I hadn't expected!

I loved the facebook group. And the calls were amazing, even though I couldn't attend them live. I would listen to them in the morning as I got ready for work or while cooking dinner.

Money Masters is a great way to stop worrying about money and really focus on finding peace and gratitude to let money come to you. It's easy to do and there's a community of support to learn and grow from.

I've worked with Jen before and I love the motivation that comes from the Facebook group. The activities give me a deliberate way to focus on what I'd like to manifest.

Jen, I love how honest and real you are. Thank you per usual, for everything!"

April D. Thompson

Digital Marketing Consultant, Lirpa Media

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