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I tripled my client load, tripled my income, began pursuing book publishing deals, quit my “steady gig”, and am hiring my first employee!

“In just 8 months of private coaching with Jen, I tripled my client load, tripled my income, began pursuing book publishing deals, quit my “steady gig”, am hiring my first employee and became a regular contributor for the MyFitnessPal blog which has over 1.1 million followers.

While working with Jen I was able to build my business to a level that allowed me to quit my job because while working one on one with her I learned to be fearless…

Fearless in asking for what I was worth, fearless in how to ask for what I was worth, fearless in presenting what I was worth, and fearless in saying no to things that diminished my worth.

Jen not only helped me expand my big vision, but she gave me practical, usable guidance and ideas on how to actually do that. She helped me confidently raise my rates, organize my website & copy, build my email list, & conduct my first in-person workshops. She held me accountable for goals that I set and gently reflected and reminded me when I was fearfully backing away from them.

Thank you Jen for all that you do!

You are a wonderful person and I am so glad to be a part of your community. You are an inspiration. xo.”
– Michelle Cleary, LCSW

Sari Testimonial“I’m grateful that I joined Jen’s Manifestation Masters Program. It has really changed my life!”

– Sari Ramzan, Chiropractor

Christina Caudill - Radiance AdvisorWe manifested $20,000 in one week after doing Jen’s exercise.

“After I met Jen, I told my boyfriend all about our talk and we practiced a manifesting exercise.  He said he wanted to sell $20,000 in artwork in the next 7 days. He always has leads in the fire, but it’s just impossible to know what will come through and when.  Well a few days later, he made a sale of $10,000, and today – 7 days from the manifesting exercise – out of the blue he just sold another $10,000 piece of artwork.
WOW!!!! Yay, manifesting works!

Jen has such positive energy that I knew she would be great to work with on a deeper level. So I signed up for Manifestation Masters. I made huge strides in my business and I manifested a fabulous new assistant. I now have the tools to experience gratitude and abundance on a regular basis and I’m able to clear away negative thoughts more often. I definitely recommend Manifestation Masters! I think that it’s so important to have a clear vision of what you want in life, and Manifestation Masters helps you focus on that. What a great program!! Jen’s positive energy is infectious and amazing things can happen when we work together!
– Christina Caudill

Robin-TestimonialWith Jen’s help, I had my first $60,000 month! And I got my first book deal with Hay House Publishing only 10 months after having the idea to write the book. Jen helps me dream bigger and go for it.

Before I began working with Jen I felt like I’d lost my manifesting mojo. I was making life and business decisions out of fear and was worried that I might have to sell my house and give up my big dream just to make ends meet. I was so nervous about the investment to work with Jen … but after just one call I knew I made the right decision. I’m so glad I trusted my intuition instead of my fears because I feel like things have gone a complete 180 from just a few months ago!

Jen helped me raise my rates and I doubled my income from last month’s earnings! I’ve increased my overall earning 25% as of right now and it’s growing every day. Now I’m paying the mortgage!

The support I’m getting from my husband, friends, family, patients is FANTASTIC! My husband can see it now. His exact words were, “It’s not if Robin, it’s when and it’s gonna be soon!” He’s 100% behind me in my efforts to become the main breadwinner. We’re truly happy.

Working with Jen one-on-one made me realize how small I’d been dreaming lately. Several of the things Jen came up with were what I’d dreamt about, but not really gone there fully because I’d stop myself. So it was really fun to go all the way and dream super duper big. I’ve been on a high and I can feel things have shifted and I’m attracting more of the things I want in my life! Yay! I’m not afraid of going for my big dream and I’m already bringing my message about healing children with acupuncture to the world.

Through our time together, I led my first Acupuncture Pediatrics workshop, I’ve launched registration for my first online course and made $4,200 in just the first day and $60,000 in just one month! I have my year-long Acupuncture Pediatrics certification program in the works. I’ve been recognized by several national industry professionals as a leader, invited to lead workshops, gained dream referral partners, and I know all of this is just the beginning.

Anything IS possible if you believe it and dream it. Every time I have a problem the answer seems to present itself right when I need it. Jen – You’ve held my hand as I worked through my fears and pushed me to go for it when I needed you to. Like you say, the universe does support your dreams.

Thanks for helping me manifest again. You’ve truly changed my life for the better.
– Robin Green, Founder

Jen, I’ve been recommending you like crazy because of the instant results!

Manifestation Masters helped me clear my blocks to money & abundance. I transitioned from not believing I could make $3000 a month to confidently asking for $5000. I have a rough business plan now that includes hiring help and setting sales goals. I no longer think of myself as “small!”

Here are some specific outcomes:

  • I met one of my celebrity mentors who I listed that I wanted to meet in the beginning of the course.
  • I met an art student who wants to be my assistant.
  • I got my first blog coverage for my shop.
  • I learned that one of my good friends is looking to share studio space, so I will soon have a fun, sunny place to keep my inventory and do projects.
  • Artists have been contacting me about getting their work in my shop.
  • Having an accountability partner was amazingly helpful!

Jen, I’ve been recommending you like crazy because of the instant results!
– Jeanee Ledoux

I can’t recommend Manifestation Masters highly enough! All I have to say is wow! I am so overwhelmed by all of this. So many tears of joy flowing out of me right now. I’m truly manifesting my dreams.

“I have seen such a shift in the way that I approach my life because of Manifestation Masters! I feel myself opening up and calming down on a daily basis. Allowing is my new mantra. I was able to clarify my purpose and tie the different aspects of my life together in a whole new way.

During the program, I launched my first tele-class series, Beyond Resolutions, which has been my most successful offering yet. Another awesome outcome: Jen enabled me to see the big picture, which definitely helped me realize my best and biggest acting performance to date. I signed up to perform some of the material for my dream role of Millie as part of an in-studio workshop for my musical theatre class in spite of feeling “not-ready yet”. I really showed up for the performance and my voice showed up for me in a big way too.

After the performance, my teacher told me that although everyone had heard those songs before today, I had brought them to experience them in a completely different way. That she so believed in my potential and wanted to do what she could to help me realize it. She offered me a scholarship so that I could use the money I would use for her class to study with an awesome voice teacher on a regular basis.

All I have to say is wow! I am so overwhelmed by all of this. So many tears of joy flowing out of me right now. I’m truly manifesting my dreams. It feels so amazing to have someone believe in me so much. I’ve been waiting my whole life to feel this kind of support and have others believe in me the way I believe in myself.

I can’t recommend Manifestation Masters highly enough! I got so much out of it in spite of being so busy at the same time. Jen is incredibly supportive and positive. She really helps build rapport among groups and just working with her filled me with so much ease. I‘m grateful for all of the changes that have occurred and continue to occur in my life as a result! I’m especially grateful to have Jen Mazer as a mentor and teacher. She has changed my life in a HUGE way.
– Natalie Neckyfarow, Founder

Jen’s program changed the game for me. In no time, I manifested the right people and circumstances to fully heal and become a true force of nature.

Jen’s Manifestation Masters Program changed the game for me. My life before was very scattered. I had a direction, got thrown off course again and again and was close to giving up at times. Although my acting career was taking off, my health was heading downhill.

With Jen’s framework, I was able to release limiting beliefs and damaging negative thoughts. Now I have a sense of calm to know that stressing over current situations isn’t going to move me in the right direction and was harming me mentally and physically.

In no time, I manifested the right people and circumstances to fully heal and become a true FORCE OF NATURE. This course is great for people to get out of a rut and change their perceptions of life’s abundance. ”
– Megan Hartig, Actress

ChantelleAdams_testimonialJen put a spin on my negative mindsets and challenged me to re-write those beliefs and limitations. I now make more money than I ever have before doing what I love.

I had such a blast working with Jen Mazer during our Power Hour where she held me accountable and really put a spin on my negative mindsets and challenged me to re-write those beliefs and limitations. Then we did this powerfully fun exercise where she helped me see all that is truly possible in my life. I felt like a kid again being able to dream bigger than I had in years… this is the beginning of a whole lot of amazingness thanks to Jen opening my eyes to what my heart most wants.
– Chantelle Adams

Kirsten_testimonialIf people want to learn more about manifesting and the power it holds, Jen is THE person to learn from!

Before Manifestation Masters I was starting to feel hopeless.

Manifestation Masters definitely helped me regain hope and reminded me that I can in fact be totally in control of what happens in my life. I was able to get really clear on what I want and focus on a few specific areas.

I am definitely realizing on a daily basis all of the interesting synchronicities and things that pop into my head out of nowhere, and then it happens in real life! This has always happened since I was young, but lately it has been occurring A LOT… to the point where I will be talking to someone and I will hear specific words in my head before they say them. And my dreams have been very indicative of life. Just this past weekend I dreamt my best friend had her baby… I woke up and texted her that, and got a response saying, “He is here!! I had him early this am!”

If people want to learn more about manifesting and the power it holds, you are THE person to learn from! You have so many examples in your life that you’ve openly shared that can attest to what you are trying to teach. Also.. your level of involvement was outstanding. I am sure everyone felt as though you really cared as much as they did about their big dream! Thank you SO much!!”
– Kirsten La Greca, Fashion Stylist

I’ve completed multiple half marathons and triathlons – something I never thought myself capable of completing before.

“My heart is more open to life’s possibilities, even one’s I didn’t imagine, like being interviewed on the Katie Couric show.

Because of Manifestation Masters, I’ve completed multiple half marathons and triathlons – something I never thought myself capable of completing before –  and I use Jen’s tools throughout my training.

I am a lot more positive. Even when I see a hurdle, I am way more quick to forgive and put my good practices back into place.

I now see the future that I want, and I’m moving in that direction! I believe in myself. I have fewer dips into sadness or feelings of helplessness in the face of obstacles- manifesting helps my self talk be positive and this has been one of the biggest gifts of the program. This allows me notice how things fall into place for me and release worry. I totally recommend this program. I love Jen’s energy. The tools are not overwhelming or far-fetched.

They are things that are easy to do and bring about big BIG change.

It helped me focus, and get real with myself. It also helped me see all that was possible in my life. And why not?!  THANK YOU JEN! You are lovely, kind, encouraging and are living your words. I am so happy to have found your program and be connected with you. Xx.”
– Kate Dimpfl,

Because of Manifestation Masters, I have a renewed sense of purpose, a noticing of magic and possibilities, a penchant for gratitude, and a warm, bubbly LOVE feeling I knew was in me but haven’t accessed lately!

“I manifested medicine for a treatment I would have had trouble affording, I landed a series of interviews to be the head of a department in a great school, and I have manifested a sense of peace and acceptance for myself and people I love (+ strangers!) that I used to struggle to maintain. I loved the private Facebook group. The community was open and really created a collective charge. Each step in the course was a continuing and growing of the preceding ones. WELL DONE Jen! Before Manifestation Masters I was feeling lost and depressed. Now I feel more positive and that I have tools for really living MY life. Thank you so much for including me in this program.

The most important things to know about Jen, The Queen of Manifestation, are:

  • Her genuineness: she really believes in people’s highest potential and has created a program that is about accessing it.
  • Her ability to reveal magic and possibilities: I forgot about those things as of late, and Jen uses a practical approach (exercises, meditation, writing, imagery) to bring that into people’s lives.
  • Jen’s Warmth is probably the thing that is most radiant and important to me. It’s clear that everyone in the circle of the Manifestation Masters program generated a higher vibration by association with the energy sparked by her, and experienced collectively because of her.

I recommend this program to anyone who wants to do work that will ultimately charge your battery up to full, abundant wattage.
– Adrienne Hecker, Artist

Jen is my go-to guide for inspiration and positive affirmations. She helped clarify my decisions to quit my day job, take yoga teacher’s training after years of wanting to, move out of my old apartment, and finally let go of that old relationship.

Jen is the most positive person I know. She is my go-to guide for inspiration and positive affirmations. She reminds me daily that I can indeed live a full and creative life. With Jen’s support I was able to let go of the fears that held me back. She helped clarify my decisions to quit my day job, finally take yoga teacher’s training after years of wanting to, move out of my old apartment, and finally let go of that old relationship. Plus I’ve now recommitted myself to doing what I really love – which is writing and making my own films. Simplifying my life was the best thing I have ever done. I feel like a new woman! With Jen on my side, I know that anything is possible.
– Cara Mia Harris, Filmmaker

I was able to increase my sales by 20%.

“I had signed up for so many courses this year that I was worried I really should focus on the info I already had. But after taking Manifestation Masters, I am now more aware about my money blocks and how to shift them. I was able to increase my sales by 20% for the holiday season. I also manifested some Holiday gifts that were spot on to my dream, even though I did not specifically ask my family for them! I liked that the emails were daily and had actionable well-paced steps. I felt fully engaged. I liked the format of the program. What seems like subtle small exercises made a big difference in my mindset. It’s an intense amount of information, but well worth the effort to keep up! Thank you Jen. I really enjoyed this course.
– Stacey Budge-Kamison, Artist

Jen is the most compassionate, positive, and truly helpful woman.

“I highly recommend Manifestation Masters and have told many about it. Manifestation Masters puts you in the mindset of creating the life that you desire. It helps you set intentions and take the action steps to move forward.

Jen is the most compassionate, positive, and truly helpful woman. She has such a calm presence even over the phone. She’s genuine and is the “real deal.” THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING JEN!! YOU TRULY ARE THE BEST!!!”
– Dottie Grant Cohen, Feng Shui & Angel Guide

Melissa_testimonialPeople tell me that I’m glowing! I have a much clearer focus, I’m calmer, I’m happier and a lot less stressed.

Before Manifestation Masters, my life was a little bit hectic as a single mom. I was burning the candle at both ends, unorganized, unfocused and somewhat unhappy. However, since Manifestation Masters, I have a much clearer focus, I’m calmer, I’m happier and a lot less stressed. People tell me that I’m glowing!

The biggest way I’ve benefitted from the program is being able to notice the synchronicities and capitalizing on otherwise missed opportunities. I’ve been able to manifest things as small as an appointment on short notice to a job interview!

I HIGHLY recommend Manifestation Masters!!! Especially for people that need guidance on where they want to be in life. It gives you all the tools you need to bring forth the supported feeling you need to manifest abundance!

Jen, you are just the biggest ray of sunshine! Your spirit radiates love and it allows a space for anyone to grow & feel empowered in their manifestation journey. I absolutely love & appreciate you! Thank you so much for what you do!
– Melissa Johnson

“I’m doing more than I ever did in my lifetime since working with Jen

delia_testimonialI’m SO happy that I made the investment to work with Jen. Everyone needs her.

I was struggling for so long with how to come up with my programs and then what Jen helped me come up with and write was incredible. When I read it, I was like, ‘Damn, this is good!’ Jen got the essence of what I was trying to say and it was beautiful.

I don’t know how she thinks so quickly. This feels SO good.

You can get lost in so many group programs that offer lots of information. I really needed that one-on-one support and guidance to know that I’m moving in the right direction. I can’t wait for it to go even further. I’m excited about the future. I can feel it manifested to even bigger than I can think of right now.

I absolutely love working with Jen. There’s a reason why I drew her in.

Jen, you are the best! You have ROCKED my world!!!
– Delia Joseph
Founder of Improveology

Amy LevineI got crystal clear on what I wanted – and within a week, I secured 3 new clients!

“Since enrolling in Manifestation Masters, I have a deeper awareness and clarity about what I want, I catch myself when I have limiting beliefs that hold me back, and I have confirmation that I can truly manifest when I’m focused.

Being pregnant, I wanted to create space in my schedule to nourish myself and our baby. To do this I knew I needed to slow down, so I decided to take on less clients before the baby arrives. When I was going through the Manifestation Masters program I realized I truly missed having more clients, as I love coaching and helping people change their lives! Implementing what I was learning, I got crystal clear on what I wanted – to work with a couple more people for a specific period of time.  And within that same week, I had three calls with potential clients – I secured two clients immediately, and the third will be starting after the baby is born.

Throughout the program, Jen’s presence and support were invaluable. It always felt like she was there for the group cheering us on, motivating us, and helping us tweak our visions to BE Manifestation Masters. Jen is a beacon of freedom, groundedness, light and creativity. She provided a blueprint, guidance and support. Not to mention, she is what she teaches!  I also loved the community interactions, and learned important tools that allowed me to take action in real time.

The course was a good reminder that I have the power within me to manifest, as I have been doing this at times over the years. What I really learned is to be specific and to manifest big, rather than small. Thanks to Jen’s awesome Manifestation Masters program, I truly feel I can live whatever I envision!
– Amy Levine, sex coach and founder

Jen’s course is great in creating new positive habits. I now have a meditation practice!

Because of Manifestation Masters, I now have a meditation practice! It is such a blessing. The price of the course is worth that alone! I now meditate every day. I wasn’t sure if I would have time for the course or what to expect, but I loved it. Lots of little things have changed since Manifestation Masters. I started meditating and being grateful every day, which results in less stress. I also am in the habit now of imagining how I will feel at the end of the goal rather than feeling discouraged during the process. Jen is very whimsical, creative and calm. Her approach is gentle, but it does require a daily commitment. Manifestation Masters is a fun program with positive people and a great course in creating new positive habits.”
– Wren Doloro, Fantasy Writer

I am 1000xs more in love with you than I ever thought! You are amazing!

“I was having a ucky day, so I really needed your Top 10 Tools You Must Have to Start Manifesting Now! I downloaded your ebook and put it in Dropbox where I couldn’t lose it and I could also read it on my phone. Fast forward to about 2 mins ago, iPhone in hand plus delicious coffee…and I am 1000xs more in love with you than I ever thought! You are amazing! I honestly can’t even fully process how much this ebook has meant to me yet, but it’s certainly turned my day around at the very least! Now I’m psyched to jump back on the manifesting and praying train, which I had really been doubting over the last few weeks. I can feel big shifts happening!
– Ashlee Thurlow, Life Purpose Coach

Because of the program, I quit my job working for a boss I didn’t like and started my own business.

“I was generally happy before Manifestation Masters – except with my career, which I really hadn’t been focusing on. Near the beginning of the course, I manifested $1800, which enabled me to pay my rent for the month. Because of the program, I quit my job working for a boss I didn’t like or look up to at all, started my own business that ties in with my career goals, and stood up for myself with another person I’ve been working with who wasn’t respectful of my time. I manifested a dream job that will allow me to pursue my business and further my education, all while making about $65,000 a year and getting to travel!

Right before Manifestation Masters started, my fiancé left me, so I was extremely depressed. The program came at the perfect time for me! Now I feel really confident that my love life will work itself out in the best way for me.

Manifestation Masters has changed the way I approach my life. My friends in particular have noted that I’ve handled some major “disasters” very calmly and that I’m dealing really well with my breakup. I learned how to let go of the stress I feel when I can’t control a situation. The program gave me ways to shift my attitude and my actions. My profession is helping people, and I realized that I focus so much of my time helping others that I sometimes neglect myself. Manifestation Masters made me realize that it’s okay to step back or walk away from situations that were hurting me, and showed me that focusing my attention on myself benefits every area of my life. It’s had a profound effect on me. I feel like I’m on a really good path 🙂

Jen, all I have to say is a big THANK YOU!!!
– Nicole Belletti, Clinical Psychologist

I feel more confident and inspired to know that I can live my dreams!

“Jen’s energy shines throughout Manifestation Masters. The fact that she personally commented on ALL of the posts in the private facebook group was by far my favorite feature. I would definitely recommend Manifestation Masters for the clarity of the way Jen organized the material, the wealth of information, and most importantly for Jen’s energy and enthusiasm. I think Jen is great, and this course was fabulous!
– Claire Hayes, Transformational Coach & EFT Practitioner

I visualized my future through the end of the year.

“On New Years Eve I found myself in one of Jen Mazer’s phenomenal meditation sessions. As a first timer, I was moved by the way she was able to put me at ease and guide me through a meditation where I visualized my future through the end of the year. I had such an amazing experience full of joy because of what I saw. I am excited to do another session with her soon! She is highly experienced and an asset to our community of professional women in New York City”
– Alicia Boone, Public Programs Coordinator at the Brooklyn Museum, New York City, www.thecultureconnector.tumblr.com/

There is something calming about the presence of someone who is always slanting into the light and radiating it back towards you.

Jen is a vessel of positivity. She thanks the farmers before eating her meal and reassures me when I’m afraid my projects aren’t meant to be. There is something calming about the presence of someone who is always slanting into the light and radiating it back towards you.

I call her “the Queen of Manifestation” because there is always a magical story that I can’t quite understand how she fell into. In time I’ve learned some of her ways, her studies of gratitude, manifesting and visualizing, and she’s been generous in sharing her tools and ideas. Jen’s glow and expertise is needed, she is an asset for the uplifting of our community.”
– Caits Meissner, Performance Poet, New York

I discovered that I am the one that’s been stopping me. I was finally able to forgive myself.

“The meditation was amazing! I saw many unexpected things in my vision and they made me feel so happy . My favorite part was finally being able to forgive myself and to make my “dream” more real. I discovered that I am the one that’s been stopping me from being myself. I can’t wait to meditate with you again!”
– Kanako Haji, PR Consultant, New York City

“My Sweet Jen,

What on earth would I do without you! I got double what I was planning on in terms of responses to my offering.

If it weren’t for you, I’d be freaking out!!! THANK YOU!



For the first time in a long time I was truly able to dream and envision myself outside of myself.

“I came to the manifestation visualization meditation workshop completely unprepared for what Jen had in store. For the first time in a long time I was truly able to dream and envision myself outside of myself. What an experience! I feel lighter, free and motivated to start my journey!”
– Regine Roy, Musician, New York City

Now there is nothing stopping me from continuing to go further and succeed more.

Before Manifestation Masters, I felt very pessimistic about my goals because I really didn’t know where to start or how to organize making them happen. They seemed so unrealistic that I’d often become depressed from not seeing immediate results.

Since Manifestations Masters, I am way better at accessing my progress and giving myself credit for what I have accomplished. I now recognize that I have done a lot so far, and nothing is stopping me from continuing to go further and succeed more.

Recently I went on a trip to LA twice in one week and rented a car both times. I never thought I would be able to do something like that a couple of months ago. I had so much freedom. I didn’t put any thought to worrying about finances, although I was conscious of my funds. I acted as if I could do this with ease, and lo and behold, I was able to! It felt so liberating and I’m now motivated to do more things like that on a whim and really enjoy life.

I would definitely recommend Manifestation Masters! It really is such a positive atmosphere that opens your mind up to the possibilities you were able to constantly dream of and imagine as a child without effort. You are able to allow yourself to see beyond your limitations. Through this program, you’re able to open yourself to receive what you want.

The most important thing you should know about Jen Mazer is that she is going to push you. Jen pushes you to think past what you think you are not capable of and encourages you to see a bigger vision for yourself. It can feel uncomfortable at first, but you will be glad you gave yourself the clearance to dream BIG!

Thank you so much Jen! You’re so wonderful for giving yourself so much to help others. I sincerely appreciate all you do.”
– Krystal Hardwick, Singer

“Jen, the meditation is the most awesome thing I have ever done!

I have used tons of different meditation tools and folks (Gabby B. included) and your voice, words, spirit — all spoke to me in a profound way!

I’ve used it several times today just to keep me grounded.
What a blessing you are to me!
– Renee Baude, the Joyful Mom
www.Joyful Mom.com

tatiana_testimonial“After our call, I manifested $10,000 the next day!

Before I worked with Jen, I was going through a lot of confusion in my life.  I didn’t know which direction to go with in my business and I was too worried about money.  I didn’t have any income coming in and I needed money quickly.  On our call, Jen helped me find clarity on what I really wanted in my life and how to manifest the money I needed right away.  She gave me a few tips and I immediately took action the next day.

I grabbed an engagement diamond ring I had hidden for years and I went to a privately owned jewelry buyer.  The buyer offered me $8,000 and I would have taken it but something inside me told me to decline.  Then the buyer effortlessly wrote me a check for $10,000 and the ring was sold.  It was divine intervention.

I am so grateful to Jen for fully believing me and giving me the support I needed during a desperate time in my life.  She is intuitive and has the ability to know your true essence.  I truly believe in the magic and manifestation work Jen brings to the world and I would highly recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.”
– Tatiana Dellepiane, Actress, Spokesmodel, Women’s Empowerment Coach

Star-Testimonial“Hiring you is one of the best decisions I ever made!”


I cannot say it enough – I  LOVE YOU! YOU are phenomenal!

I have attended TWO networking events over the past few days and as I did, I was committed to keeping these moms in my pocket, promising to speak FOR THEM. I also mentioned that I am passionate about supporting mothers and their teen daughters to connect, which got an excited and affirming gasp from the crowd. It felt amazing to share. I look forward to continuing to step into this.

Thanks for everything!




– Star Staubach, Aliveness Coach, Founder

Anik_testimonialIn just 3 months as a single mom working with Jen, I purchased a new home, started talking to my mother again, found peace with me ex, got major clarity on my new coaching practice and I have a plan to leave my 9-5 job!

“Working with the Queen of Manifestation has given me a totally different perspective on life.

When I first heard Jen speak on a teleseminar, I was really drawn to her. Her ideas and philosophies aligned with my purpose and goals, and she inspired me with her manifestation stories. So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance to work with her.

I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision! In just 3 months as a single mom, I purchased a new home, started talking to my mother again, found greater peace with me ex, and got major clarity on my new coaching practice. With Jen’s help, I got clear on my target market, my business name, tagline, and offerings. I now have a plan in place to leave my 9-5 job.

Jen helps me believe that anything is possible and that we can manifest everything we want in our lives. She’s been teaching me her manifesting techniques as well as processes for working through my limiting beliefs. Jen doesn’t mess around. She gently holds me accountable for what is showing up in my life and I love her for that! I also love her visioning process. She has helped me envision BIGGER than I ever thought possible.

I am not holding back with Jen and it is really paying off. With her help and guidance, I am feeling more confident that coaching is what I am supposed to be doing in my life. I even signed up to continue working with Jen after our initial coaching package was over because she is so motivating to me and I’m experiencing such fast results!”
– Anik Clemens

jennifer-sterling_testimonialMy life has completely turned around. I re-structured my business and got a publishing deal for a cookbook. The best part is: I’m now earning enough to support me and my son!

“Jen is fun, supportive and and incredibly knowledgeable. She’s compiled all of the tools you need to manifest a beautiful and abundant life!

Prior to taking Manifesting with the Masters, I literally had no home. My husband and I had recently separated, I lost my full-time job, lost my apartment and was couch surfing with my 2 year old son. Manifesting with the Masters gave me the tools I needed to change my story. It made me realize that I didn’t have to be a victim of my circumstances. It gave me the tools and the clarity I needed to believe that change was possible.

The clarity I gained from the course helped me to re-structure my business. I created a business that is now my full-time job. I am earning enough income to support myself and my son. We have a beautiful home and I’ve also acquired a publishing deal and have a cookbook scheduled for release in the summer of 2014. 

I signed up for the course specifically for the forgiveness meditation, but received so much more! The support from Jen and the women in the Facebook community was invaluable and I have tools and resources that I’ve implemented into my everyday routine to keep me grounded and in a space of possibility and abundance instead of fear and lack.”
– Jennifer Sterling

Elena_testimonial“People, this woman is magical. She has the ability to make you believe and make your dreams come out so vividly that you won’t be able to deny them anymore because they will be already happening.

I hesitated about signing up for Manifestation Masters because I thought it was too “woo-woo” and “witchy” and not practical. I was afraid that it wouldn’t work. But it totally DID in subtle and big ways! I finally pushed out of that psychological 40 day barrier and started to seriously believe in my dream and myself, I stepped out of the safe “lets play with ideas in my mind but do nothing in the real world” zone. Now things are happening and my decluttering business is happening it is already helping people. The support and dynamics from the group were amazing,  I learned to be more grateful, happier, lighter, and more connected. I now see and cause more synchronicities and more and more opportunities to help naturally come my way. It is so easy and Jen taught me how. My BIG dream is already real!

I have started working out and eating healthily again. I see more clearly what I have to do and it motivates immensely. I also no longer feel trapped in my current job situation but I have come to see it as a means to an end and as a wonderful way to be gently supported by the Universe while I do what I came here to do.

I absolutely recommend Manifestation Masters! This inner work will help you dissolve blocks, get honest with yourself, see what is possible and then do it. It worked wonders for me.

Do her course, thank me later! 🙂 ”
– Elena Nebreda

Elena_testimonial“In just 60 days, I launched, wrote, designed, fully crowdfunded, printed and shipped my first book. I manifested over 2 times my goal in my kickstarter campaign, and I gave my first TEDx talk!

Because of Manifestation Masters, my mindset has changed and now I have more trust and belief that everything will be OK. In just 60 days (40 of them while in the program!) I launched, wrote, designed, fully crowdfunded, printed and shipped my first book. I manifested over 2 times my goal in my kickstarter campaign. I gave my first TEDx talk!

Before signing up for Jen’s course, I was worried it was all a little woo-woo for the way I self-define. There aren’t many people in my life who believe in the woo-woo stuff, so it took a bit of a leap of faith. I also don’t usually feel connected to the online course process, but this one was different.

Manifestation has become a really important tool in allowing me to reach into my own ability to find and share my muchness and use it as a tool to make my life better and more purposeful and successful.

Jen’s program is practical and helpful in tangible ways and is not just based on the idea that “if you believe it, it can be.” I am so glad that I signed up!”

– Tova Gold