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What to do when People think you’re too Woo Woo!


What a beautiful time of year!

This week, I’ve been on vacation with my family visiting my parents, aunts, uncles, grandmother, cousin-in-laws… you name it. It’s been a lovely reunion of family. And it’s been a lot of fun!

But for most people, seeing your relatives can bring up some deep emotional baggage from the past.

You may find yourself reverting into an older version of yourself. It’s like you’re a kid again!

Can you relate?

You might find that you turn down your light when you’re around other people who aren’t shining as brightly as you – for many reasons.

Maybe you don’t want them to feel bad, so you don’t show how good you actually are doing. And then you forget that you are, in fact, doing well.

Often times, your family may not be receptive to the idea of manifestation (unless of course you grew up with it.)

Your loved ones might think you’re crazy when you start to talk about the law of attraction.

They might give you funny looks just for sharing your big dreams with them.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you need to be more realistic?
(Yeah, it happened to me just yesterday!)

Maybe it’s not coming from your family at all.
It could be your partner, your spouse, or a good friend.

Have you ever felt judged when you talked about these beautiful spiritual truths?

They call you too ‘woo woo’.

You’re not alone.

In this week’s Manifest Monday’s video I share how you can deal with close ones who think you’re too ‘woo woo’:

Yay! Now you’re better armed not only to feel more confident about your own belief in the law of attraction, but how you can gently introduce it to your loved ones as well!

So here’s my challenge to you:

Try one of the examples I mentioned in the video with a loved one today and see how it goes.

Then share about it in the comments below!

We can all benefit from reading your experiences.

And if you know a friend who could benefit from this video, share it with them!

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How to deal with those who think you’re too Woo Woo.

Sending you so much LOVE!

xoxo, Jen

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