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Welcome. You're in the right place!

You know you have a bigger purpose to fulfill on this planet… if only you could make it happen.

You feel like you're putting in the work, but your goals are still out of reach!

Most of us have hidden blocks preventing us from attracting in the abundance that we deserve.

Within each of us is a masterpiece waiting to emerge if you could only get out of your own way.

The truth is - 

You wouldn't have your dreams if you couldn't actually manifest them.

You can!

I'm Jen Mazer. My friends named me "The Queen of Manifestation" because of my ability to consistently manifest ridiculously amazing things in my life with ease.

I'm here to teach you how to do the same.

It’s time to manifest a life of creative abundance and financial freedom.

Learn the real secret to manifesting with ease!

Start Living Your Dream in 40 Days!

Manifestation Masters teaches you how to get into alignment so that you can manifest with ease. 

It's the opposite of "hustling" to manifest.

Because the truth is, when you're over-efforting, it means you don't actually trust that you're dreams are happening.

With daily practices that help you stay in the flow, you'll learn to trust in your visions so that you can tap into the infinite field of abundance and manifest from a place of love. 

All that you want is already there for you.


We manifested $20,000 in one week after doing Jen’s exercise.

I now have the tools to experience gratitude and abundance on a regular basis and I’m able to clear away negative thoughts more often. I definitely recommend working with her!! Jen’s positive energy is infectious and amazing things happen when we work together! Jen Mazer, I SO have to thank you for upping my manifesting game!

Now I can say I manifested an ocean... And in my backyard! Our new home in Florida.

Christina Caudill

manifesting made easy

Manifesting Made Easy takes you step by step through the process of manifesting, from understanding what it is you want, to mapping out ways to make it a reality, to signaling to the universe that you're ready for good things to come your way.

With exercises, writing prompts, and a wealth of personal success stories, you'll learn how to attract the right circumstances and people so you can start living the life of your dreams.


Jen Mazer is truly the Queen of Manifestation. She has a gift for breaking down the manifestation process into fun, easy-to-implement steps. This book will help you live out your biggest dreams.

Marci Shimoff #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Happy For No Reason

Finally, a game that celebrates and uplifts women... 

From soulful conversations to juicy surprises and laugh-until-you-cry moments, you never know what will be SPARKED!

Filled with inspiration, heart and hilarity, SPARKED always delivers rich, meaningful and joyful experiences.

Who is the Queen of Manifestation?

What People Are Saying:

Joe Vitale


Jen, you surprised me and impressed me. So well done! I applaud you for what you’re doing. You’re making a difference and helping women everywhere.

Dr. Joe Vitale

NY Times Best-selling Author and

Star of the hit movie, 'The Secret'

Robin Green


With Jen’s help, I had my first $60,000 month and I got a book deal with Hay House Publishing only 9 months after having the idea for the book.

Jen helps me to dream bigger and go for it.

Robin Green

Founder of Acupuncture Pediatrics & Kids Love Acupuncture

Rickie Byars Beckwith


I know who to call if I get stuck. Because every now and then you need a refresher to remind you of what you know. If I need to remember, I’m gonna call the Queen of Manifestation.

Rickie Byars Beckwith

World-Reknowned Singer and Musical Director of Agape International Spiritual Center

Isn't it time you stopped settling, and started Living?!

If you keep putting your dreams out in the future by saying things like, "Someday" or "When I have time" or "When I have the money," 

your dreams will continue to stay there. . . 

in the future.

I can help you live your dreams NOW.

About Jen 

Jen Mazer is the Queen of Manifestation. She is a sought-after transformational speaker and coach. She teaches people how to manifest their biggest dreams while making an impact on the world. She is known for her signature Manifestation Masters program and Private Success Coaching.  Jen is the author of Manifesting Made Easy, and Co-Founder of the board game, Sparked  LEARN MORE.

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You’ve probably heard that “success leaves clues.” And when a woman is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers on manifestation of this millennium, I’d say that’s a big enough clue. I love Jen Mazer as she has contributed to my life in more ways than I can count. But what I admire about her most, is that she absolutely knows the formula for powerful manifesting.

Debra Poneman Bestselling Chicken Soup Author & Founder Of Yes To Success Seminars, Inc.


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