What You Must Do Before New Years

What You Must Do before New Years + My Personal List

As you begin to make your annual plans for New Year’s Eve, I want to make sure you don’t miss a crucial step in setting the foundation for your NEXT year.

And I know you want 2015 to be your Best Year Yet!

Before you start your year anew, there’s something that you should do! (tweet that.)

If you ask the most successful people what rituals they have before the new year, you’ll find that the most crucial one – the one you do before you set your intentions – is to first do some reflections on your past year.

I suggest journaling it out.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What went well?
2. What were the highlights (aka: BEST manifestations)?
3. What could I have done better?
4. What lessons did I learn?
5. What can I release from this year?

This is an important one. You want to write down the things that you don’t want to carry on with you into the new year. Once you’ve answered questions 1-4, this one should be obvious. You can do any sort of ritual for releasing. Maybe you write #5 down on a separate piece of paper and burn it. Or you simply light a candle before writing and blow it out when you’re done. You can do anything that makes you feel good about the process.

Once you release the year, you’re able to make space for the new one!

So make sure you spend some time over the next few days writing down the answers to these 5 questions. Make sure to do this now BEFORE new years. It’s best to leave all of this in 2014.

Now I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below with an answer to one of the questions above. Let’s all inspire each other into greatness. Your vulnerability and visibility leads to massive growth.

Remember, the only constant is change. So with that being said, don’t let what happened this year prevent you from going big next year.

If you truly want to grow, you need to first let go. (tweet that.)


Okay so now it’s my turn!


1. What went well?

I managed running my business while being a great mom. We got to take 2 months off to travel over the summer. I love the people who I work with. I doubled my income from last year. I doubled my list size. I hired 2 new team members. I started a green school in Africa with my love.

2. What were the highlights (aka: BEST manifestations)?

Ooh. This is a long one.

I got to go on tour with my love this summer. (If you didn’t know, he’s a musician.) This is one of the backstage ‘green rooms’.


And our daughter leading rehearsal in Europe…

I went to London for the first time. (Can you believe it? I’ve been to Africa 6 times now, and many other places in Europe & around the world, but never London. Check!)

Here’s me crossing Abbey Road with my daughter.


I went to Barcelona for the first time! This was HUGE. It was a major one on my list.

Barcelona Beaches #latergram

A photo posted by jenmazer (@jenmazer) on


And I saw all of the Gaudi buildings my heart desired!

JenNailah-8835 copy

Not only that, but I indulged in Cadaques, Spain and visited Salvador Dali’s home. This was one of THE highlights of my entire year.


I got to go back to Italy for a 3rd time and visit with one of my best friends and her son. And our daughter of course STILL talks about the pizza and pasta.


I led Royal VIP days in Europe – which ended up having a lasting impact on my clients. And it was super fun to treat them luxuriously.

Here’s one of my rockstar VIP clients Loredana in Italy 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 5.32.15 AM

I started out the year giving a talk to these phenomenal high school students as part of the Queen Genius program.

Me conquering my fear of speaking in front of the high school students at the QueenGenius conference.

I had my first private past life regression. This had been on my list and I was super excited about it. A lot of tears and a lot of release. So good!

I not only got to meet, but hang out with some of my favorite spiritual & business mentors for 4 days in Boulder, Colorado.

Here’s me & Jack Canfield, Reverend Michael Beckwith, Lynne Twist, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Tony Hsieh of Zappos…


I met my assistant Sarah in person (pictured above), and was able to bring her to a conference with me in Florida!

Oh, and here’s me after a yoga class that Michael Franti led…

and my yoga partner was Jeff Walker of the Product Launch Formula (to my left.)


I could go on and on about that conference, the connections and conversations I had. Success 3.0 was amazing.

I led my first (can you believe it was my first?) successful telesummit: Manifesting with the Masters, where I got to interview some of my favorite experts.


My love and I took our first vacation BY OURSELVES since our daughter was born. And it was my first cruise. And it was my first time in the Bahamas. Win-win-win.


Our first cruise together to the Bahamas

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I taught classes with en*theos – an amazing company.

I was coached by some of my dream mentors – and traveled to conferences from Connecticut to Florida. I had private sessions with people I’ve been following online for almost 10 years. Surreal and amazing.

Me and Julianne Moore at #ThriveLive with Arianna Huffington 🙂

A photo posted by jenmazer (@jenmazer) on

I had my first $20,000 Day.

I made new girlfriends who I cherish, and spent more time with my ladies – which was super important to me after becoming a mom. (I want to do even more of this next year!)


I started going to regular yoga class again since giving birth – instead of just my home practice, and it’s rejuvenated and inspired me.

(Did you know I got certified to teach yoga in India in 2008?)

I led my first live google hangout – Manifest 2015 – with some of my favorite women.

We moved. Twice. (After getting robbed.) I sold my apartment in the East Village when I was pregnant, and since then we’ve been exploring Brooklyn. But this place I totally manifested. I knew it was ours the moment we viewed it.

I successfully ran my 6th round of Manifestation Masters – and this time I included some scholarship spots – which felt really good. And I made a new separate website for that program.

Speaking of giving back, my love and I started our Green School in Nigeria this year!

We organized a team of people including an architect and builder. And we received 2 grants of $10,000. This was all before we had a website or even officially formed a non-profit. So anything is possible!


I reconnected with old friends.

I was in an art show on Governor’s Island.

We manifested a car in the city. (But don’t worry, we’re still hardcore bike riders. And we’re sharing it, so it’s sustainable & good for the environment.)

We vacationed with our extended family at the beach.


I spent a lot of time with my Grandma.

Our daughter turned 3!

It’s someone’s birthday!

A photo posted by jenmazer (@jenmazer) on

We got to bring her to the legendary Apollo Theater for 2 nights in a row to see her daddy perform.

10376829_10152431389556196_4477631732704613630_n (1)

And I got to film backstage at Carnegie Hall for my love’s first show there – where his band performed with so many of my favorite bands as a tribute to another favorite, Paul Simon.

And there was an amazing after-party.

Oh, I almost forgot. I was asked to be the Director of Photography on a new documentary!

I hung out on a lot of hammocks. 😉


I ate at some of my favorite restaurants.

I helped my private clients have their best years yet – including 6 figures, book deals, new home owners, new relationships, new offices, new websites, full practices, full courses..

I also launched my Queendom Mastermind: Build your Empire. Change the World. We start this year on January 15th, 2015. And I still have 2 spaces left. You’ll get to hang with me & a few select business owners in LA, NYC, and Bali next year! You can apply here before January 1st.

Wow. Just writing this out feels really good! (I highly recommend it!)

I’m sure there’s more that I’ve forgotten. But those are the stand-outs!

3. What could I have done better?

I could have been better at my daily practices. I let some drop – but the good news is that I still was able to manifest a lot even without the daily routine. So I’m excited to see how I incorporate new practices in 2015.

I could have updated my website copy and images – but there’s always room for improvement. And I’m learning to let go of perfection and strive for action. Still… it could have been done sooner.

I could have posted more pictures from my trips on facebook and instagram and pinterest. So I suppose I’ll be taking full advantage of #throwbackthursdays in 2015!

4. What lessons did I learn?

I learned to delegate even more. Having a team for our Nigeria project is a huge win. We wouldn’t have received our grants if it weren’t for them. I didn’t do any of the grant writing! I know I need to delegate even more to my team members so that I can play more in my zone of genius.

I learned to let go of situations that aren’t worth the energy, to release and move on – and to surrender to knowing that means better things are to come (like from the robbery to our new home.)

I learned to receive more. To accept my soul purpose and begin to step into it even more.

I learned that self-care is so important to my spiritual health. Even though I LOVE hanging out with my daughter, I learned to take even more ME time now that I’m a mommy.

5. What can I release from this year?

I can release the robbery.

I can release the fact that not every email got replied to – but I did the best in the moment.

I can release the feelings of not doing enough because as I reflect, I have actually done so much. And I know that I dream big, and the best is yet to come.

I can release the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that I sometimes get. As I say ‘yes’ to some projects, it means ‘no’ to others. And that’s okay. I’m only going to accept things that are major YESes. And if there is an awesome event that I miss, it just means I am doing something else that I love. And I can choose to be present.

I can release the feelings of not living my teachings all the time. I am human and learning and growing just like you.

I’m more grounded in the present and grateful for the amazing synchronicities and support available to me at all times.

I’m so grateful for all of these wonderful experiences. 2014 was a great year!

Okay, I seriously feel the release. I truly feel Ah-mazing having written this all out. And I encourage you to do the same.

So now it’s your turn!

Leave a comment below with one of your best manifestations from 2014. Or I’d love for you to answer another one of the questions from above. Your experiences will inspire all of us!

Sending you so much love!

And here’s to a fabulous new year!!!

xoxo, Jen

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Ana Goncalves Reply

Thank you for a great post. I loved reading it, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing of your experiences in 2014. YAY I can feel your happy times and everything that you have experienced and where you are. I have already done this method on the Solstice however am happy to answer the questions and come to a closure now.

1. What went well?
Following my heart and intuition, having faith

2. What were the highlights (aka: BEST manifestations)?
I manifested a Sustainable Buildings paid inernship in Majorca where I spent 3 months working and living with some of the most incredible people. I love building eco settlements and working in sustainable construction, that’s another love of mine, getting to know local artisans and local skills. I got to learn about traditional Majorcan construction involving a lot of stone and got hands on building/constructing and creating. I went to a Women’s Leadership Summit by Sage Lavine in California. I knew I was going to be there and I made it!

I also trusted that after the Summit everything worked out as I had no plan or booked anything as I was originally I was staying there for 5 days however I fell in love and my heart called to me to stay and I did stay and had a free reschedule flight a week later and I made some wonderful soul friends, ended up staying at one of their houses a week long and it was truly an amazing experience being with their family. I left it up to the universe and had faith that everything was going to take care of itself as a result of my decision to stay and yes it did. Being in California it was the most aligning place to be. I felt at home, and I was in my feminine and receptive energy 100% of the time.

I visited California, and San Francisco two of my favorite and only places I desired to go ever in the USA. I left Majorca at the end of the internship to go there. Interestingly the host I was staying with on my internship was travelling there a week later to install a stone building structure in a mansion for a wedding. He is incredible, carves everything by hand. It’s amazing!

In April I moved to Portugal. My partner and I were going to live together for the first time in 11 years and we did yay 🙂 It was so wonderful.

3. What could I have done better?

You know, I’m happy with the way things have gone. I wasn’t expecting my partner to end our 11 year relationship however I felt through the journey fully and all of my feelings and know that everything is working in divine timing. I did the best that I could in the moment and I’m proud of my whole life and year.

4. What lessons did I learn?

I learnt that I am very committed to giving new things a go and that when something happens I’m very resilient

I learnt that nothing is perfect and that I am doing the best that I can in each moment

I learnt that I am very courageous

I learnt that it’s actually very liberating to fully experience and express my feelings

I learnt that love is the answer and that being myself is the best gift in life

I learnt that I’m very passionate about helping others live from their truth and lead them to live courageous and empowering lives

I learnt about boundaries

I learnt to open my heart fully and surrender to every moment

5. What can I release from this year?

The need to have everything ready before stepping out in the world and sharing my gifts

I’m just doing it now! 🙂

Happy New Year xxxxxx

Lots of love your way

    jen Reply

    Ana – this is INCREDIBLE!!

    I am so happy & humbled you shared. Happy New Year to you too!

      Ana Goncalves Reply

      Hello Jen,

      Thank you. I so appreciate being here and connecting with you.

      Since I wrote that, the 11 year relationship that I had came up and I dreamt about it. I discovered this morning that I had been angry and storing it in an unexpressed manner however I had been diverting the energy into passion and sending it out via Newsletters to my tribe to inspire, however it stemmed from me being angry at myself for not listening to myself or my partner. I have just journalled and forgiven myself and let that go. I also made a public announcement on Facebook sharing from my heart. After I forgave myself I pulled out an oracle card and it said ‘new beginnings’ to let go of the past and integrate is what I have been doing and it’s helped. It’s amazing really. Very blessed to be here. Lots of love your way

      One of my desires next year is to meet you and connect with you in some way. 🙂

      Happy 2015 x

Loredana Reply

Honored to be among your highlights.

    jen Reply

    Of course! I am so proud of you!!!

lisa Reply

haha, i also made a list of things i wanted to manifest in 2015- the idea came to me during the google hangout 😛

jen Reply

Woohoo! Go Lisa! xoxo

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