Video Training Series
VIDEO 1: Understanding Your Money Habits
Release Your
Money Patterns

Your New Money Model

Live Webinar Celebration: Become a Money Master!

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Video 2: Release Your Money Patterns
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In this video series you will learn what your money patterns say about your financial health, plus how to finally Master your Money...
In Video 1, we’ll dive into:
  • The effects of the value you're placing on your money
  • The common cycles you experience because of your money beliefs
  • Experience a visualization for how to feel supported by your money
  • Language tweaks to help you manifest more wealth

In Video 2, we’ll dive into:
  • What’s preventing you from making more money
  • How your childhood money experience is showing up for you today
  • Discover your money story
  • How to release your money patterns

In Video 3, we’ll dive into:
  • The new money model for manifesting
  • The difference between needs and wants
  • The importance of your ‘why’
  • The place where all of manifesting comes from (& how to apply it!)

In Video 4, I'll show you how to:
  • Create your Money Vision
  • Re-write your Money Story
  • Clear your Money Blocks
  • Magnetize Money
  • Up-Level Your Systems
  • Master Your Money

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