What if Manifesting Money was Easy? 

    I'll show you how!     
Join me in becoming a Money Master!
We all have a MONEY story. 
  Maybe You're  
Maybe you're. . . 
Taking on work you don't love just to pay the bills.
Struggling with credit card debt that you can't seem to pay down.
Hitting an earnings plateau that you're trying to will yourself over.
Always making just enough to get by, but nothing more.
Maybe you blow through your money and are one unexpected bill away from freakout mode.
In a constant feast or famine cycle.

If any of the above is you . . .

You're probably anxious about the future,

You're stressing about money,


You've been doing a good job holding it together, but if things don't change . . . 

Well, let's not go there. 

It's time to STOP settling for less than you deserve.

It's time to START manifesting more money with ease.

It's time that YOU get to step into an abundant lifestyle once and for all.

What would your life look like if you finally mastered your money?


A new kind of way to create wealth and master your money.

The Right Mindset x (Money Practices + Embodied Wealth Creation) = MONEY MASTERY 

"We manifested $20,000 in one week after doing one of Jen's exercises."

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Christina Caudill
Radiant Astrology

"With Jen’s help, I had my first $60,000 month! 

And I got a book deal with Hay House Publishing only 9 months after having the idea for the book."

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Robin Green
Acupuncture Pediatrics

Here's the thing . . .

Making money doesn't have to be hard.

When you can change your relationship with money,

When you can tune into the frequency of wealth, 

And when you take the right action to bring in more money, 

It becomes fun and easy to step into an abundant lifestyle.

And that's exactly what we do in Money Masters!

You see, the abundance that you're craving is already there for you.


The program is divided into 6 modules, delivered once a week, along with weekly group calls on Friday.

I'll be personally leading each session.

Expect recorded audios, downloadable worksheets and videos. 

VALUE: $1000

Module 1: Create Your Money Vision

In order to manifest more money, you first need to get clear on what that looks like for you. And the reason most people find themselves without enough, or wanting more - is because they haven't first taken this crucial step in the manifesting process. 

This goes way deeper than your 'why' for the money. We're going to get crystal clear about your numbers. You need to know where you're at currently in your financial situation, and then we can create a new financial picture for you for based on where you want to be. And if you've been scared to look at your numbers, I do this in a fun, inviting way. As a Money Master, you will truly step into your vision of abundance. Plus you'll have special guest expert Beth Marshall helping you come up with a new money plan.  

Module 2: Re-Write Your Money Story

The next step is to find out your old money story - the things beneath the surface - so that you can re-write your old patterns and create new ones. If you don't know why you're currently relating to money the way you are, it's hard to change your relationship with money. In this module, we'll create a new story so that money becomes something you truly love. And I have a special twist on manifesting a new money story that you're going to want to use over and over again. 

Module 3: Clear Your Money Blocks

Everyone, no matter how wealthy they are, has hidden blocks around money. There are limiting beliefs that keep you at a certain income plateau, and we're going to get to the bottom of your hidden beliefs and clear them so that they you don't have to keep repeating the same old money cycles as before. Once you clear the beliefs that are keeping you stuck, there's a greater flow of money in your life. 

Module 4: Magnetize Money

Here we're really focusing on money practices to create new wealth. You'll learn new habits that you can apply daily, weekly, and monthly in order to create wealth, sustain it, and grow it. 

I'll share advanced manifesting exercises so that you can truly magnetize money toward you.

Module 5: Up-Level Your Systems

As you know, the more you pay attention to your money, the more it will grow. But what is the right way to keep track of your money, and not just in a regular bookkeeping system - but in a way where you're actually helping manifest new wealth in the process? I'll share my exact processes I use to track and grow my money and we'll break it down for you so that it's easy to sustain your new systems. It's fun to create new money habits!

Module 6: Master Your Money

This is where you truly get to integrate all of the previous modules. You'll learn advanced processes and techniques to truly master your money.

Jen will be leading 6 LIVE
Group Coaching Calls!

In addition to the Private Facebook Group, you'll have the chance to get personalized support during the weekly group coaching calls.
The 60-minute group coaching calls will be on Fridays at 12:30pm ET.
Don't worry if you can't make it to the live calls, you'll get access to the recordings!

VALUE: $1000

PLUS get access to these powerful bonuses:

As if all of that weren't enough, I'm including powerful bonuses for you because I REALLY want to see you master your money. 

Masterclasses with Guest Experts

VALUE: $500

Plan Your Finances, Plan Your Life: How to Create a Peaceful Relationship with Money

Learn to reduce financial overwhelm and instead powerfully manage money in your day-to-day life by designing a spending & savings plan that allows you to have more freedom, choice, and peace in your life!  

Guest Expert: Beth Marshall, CPA, MBA 

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Guest Expert: Claire Hayes

Open to Money with EFT Tapping

Rather than simply tapping on your money blocks, Claire will help us take this WAY further by using one of her favorite money exercises where we see money as a form/person/thing and tap on our relation to it. It's so much fun and creative and it brings up all the hidden stuff that we need to clear. 

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3 Tantric Secrets to Magnetize Money

Tatiana will show you how to use your sexual energy (the primordial feminine energy that lives inside you called Shakti) to magnetize more money. She will share with you three secrets to magnetize your desires and manifest like a Goddess. She uses ancient tantric techniques with practical tools for the modern woman so that they can create the lifestyle of their dreams. 

Guest Expert: Tatiana Dellepiane

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Guest Expert: Laura Hames Franklin

Light Free and Abundant: How To Use The Power of Your Body to Manifest Abundance

In this bonus training, Laura will guide you through an exercise to feel more abundance today. These simple techniques will support you to manifest more abundance in your life by accessing the inborn brilliance of your body. You can do these exercises anywhere at anytime - they will be your new secret weapon.

You'll also get access to our own
for extra support and guidance.

I'll be checking in there regularly to answer any questions you have. 

VALUE: $200

I manifested $40,000 during Money Masters!

"Before Money Masters, I found myself making more money and it going right back out the door...from a tenant not paying rent for several months to a car accident and more.

I set a goal of attracting $40,000 by the end of the program. At first, it was a struggle to stop focusing so hard on how & where it would come from, but I ended up making my goal in ways I hadn't expected!

I loved the facebook group. And the calls were amazing, even though I couldn't attend them live. I would listen to them in the morning as I got ready for work or while cooking dinner.

Money Masters is a great way to stop worrying about money and really focus on finding peace and gratitude to let money come to you. It's easy to do and there's a community of support to learn and grow from.

I've worked with Jen before and I love the motivation that comes from the Facebook group. The activities give me a deliberate way to focus on what I'd like to manifest.

Jen, I love how honest and real you are. Thank you per usual, for everything!"

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April D. Thompson

Digital Marketing Consultant, Lirpa Media

Before I go much further, let me tell you a little bit more about myself... 

I’m Jen Mazer. My friends gave me the name Queen of Manifestation because of all of the amazing things I've been able to manifest in my life. And I'm here to show you that YOU too can have it all.

I’ve always considered myself a powerful manifestor. But l wasn’t always good with money.

Even though I managed to travel the world, I used my credit card and racked up over $38,000 of debt. For years I had many love affairs, but not one long-term serious relationship. I worked for other people whose values didn’t resonate with my own.

It wasn’t until I applied my own system of Manifesting Money that I was able to get out of debt - and I did it in less than a year! 

Once I figured out my money situation, I was able to commit to the man I loved (a successful rockstar), give birth to a beautiful daughter at home, live rent-free in Manhattan for 10 years in an apartment with a jacuzzi!!, have my artwork published in the New York Times & New York Magazine, travel to Africa, India and all over the world. I’ve rubbed elbows with legends at a small private cocktail party hosted by Martin Scorsese, chatted it up with Deepak Chopra, hung with Whoopi Goldberg backstage at the UN, and so much more. Now me and my love are building the first green solar school in Lagos Nigeria that collects and filters rainwater.

I’ve come to understand that the more abundant I am, the more I can help others experience abundance in their lives.

I now run a successful business helping others just like you manifest money with ease. My clients are rockin' it!

And you too have the power within you to live in abundance.

That’s why I created the Money Masters Program™.

As Featured In:

"Jen, you surprised me and impressed me. So well done! I applaud you for what you’re doing. You’re making a difference and helping women everywhere."

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Dr. Joe Vitale
But wait, there's more... 

When you register, you'll get instant access to 8 Money Manifesting Audios with tips from these leading experts!

VALUE: $500

Turn Your Manifesting into “MONEY-festing” With Denise Duffield-Thomas

In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn:

  • Anyone who has read a personal development book can learn how to manifest but why do people get stuck on money?
  • How you can turn “luck” into actual cash in the bank
  • Why you making money is important for the planet

Make Your Purpose Profitable With Rha Goddess

In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to be Spiritual and Profitable
  • What to do if you doubt you have what it takes
  • Why traditional business coaching doesn’t work
  • How to stop struggling and achieve long-term sustainable success

Destinies Fulfilled With Peggy McColl

In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to Manifest Money with Ease
  • How to Manifest Your Dream Home
  • How she’s helped numerous Authors Become NY Times Best-Sellers
  • A simple practice to bring in more Abundance

The Art of Money With Bari Tessler Linden

In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 Doorways of Financial Transformation:
    • Money Healing
    • Money Practices
    • Money Maps

How to Manifest Money Easily With Dr. Joe Vitale

In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn:

  • What’s really stopping you from manifesting the money you deserve
  • How you can clear your blocks
  • Easy ways you can instantly manifest money right now
  • What Karmic Marketing is and how you can use it to attract wealth
  • Fear vs. Faith
  • Advanced Manifesting Practices

Wealth is an Inside Out Job With Janet Bray Attwood

In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to come up with your top 5 passions so that you can consistently choose in favor of the things that have the most meaning for you
  • The Passion Test Formula for a “do less-accomplish more” world
  • “The Secret” to living a passionate life

How to Finally End Your Money Drama With Amanda Moxley

In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why now it’s time to put a FORK in your F’in Money Story and be done with it for good
  • The 5 juicy secrets you must know if you are serious about getting off of the money roller coaster ride
  • Discover the One Tiny Thing That is Keeping You Small, Scared and Broke
  • Learn the real meaning of DEBT and how to heal the shame, embarrassment and fear forever

The Soul of Financial Freedom - You CAN Have It All With Susann Taylor Shier

In this exclusive interview, you’ll learn:

  • Manifest TRUE success
  • Open yourself to the infinite opportunities that exist HERE and NOW
  • Master daily activities with DIRECTION and purpose
  • Determine what decisions will ACTIVATE success
  • Learn how to achieve financial freedom -NATURALLY

"I manifested $20,000 during the program!"

- DJ Kurty, www.djkurtymusic.com

You have a wonderful opportunity to transform your relationship with money forever. You can truly Master your Money and create more wealth easier and faster than ever before. 

I invite you to join us in Money Masters!

"I manifested a tax refund that has allowed me to pay off my credit card after being several thousand dollars in debt, and still have a couple thousand left over!

I was beyond impressed with the breadth and depth of Jen’s teachings – I loved how many practical tools she gave us, and I so appreciated the fact that she went into such depth explaining each one. 

Her passion for this work seeped through in every single interaction I had with her."

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Arshia Chatterjee

"Jen, I’ve been recommending you like crazy because of the instant results! 

Your program helped me clear my blocks to money & abundance. 

I transitioned from not believing I could make $3000 a month to confidently asking for $5000. 

I have a rough business plan now that includes hiring help and setting sales goals. I no longer think of myself as “small!”

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Jeanee Ledoux

As A Recap, Here's What You'll Get:

- Module 1: Create Your Money Vision

- Module 2: Re-write Your Money Story

- Module 3: Clear Your Money Blocks

- Module 4: Magnetize Money

- Module 5: Up-Level Your Systems

- Module 6: Master Your Money

(Including Recorded Audios, Downloadable Worksheets & Videos)

 VALUE: $1000

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PLUS these Fast Action Bonuses: 

- Plan Your Finances, Plan Your Life with Guest Expert Beth Marshall, CPA, MBA

- Open to Money with EFT Tapping Guest Expert Claire Hayes

- 3 Tantric Secrets to Magnetize Money with Guest Expert Tatiana Dellepiane

- How to Use the Power of Your Body to Manifest Abundance with Guest Expert Laura Hames Franklin

Value: $500

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Exclusive Access to our Private Facebook Group for extra support from Jen and our community.

Value: $200

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6 LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Jen (For this Round ONLY!)

Value: $1000

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8 Money Manifesting Audios with Leading Experts:

- Turn Your Manifesting into "MONEY-Festing" with Denise Duffield-Thomas

- Make Your Purpose Profitable with Rha Goddess

- Destinies Fulfilled with Peggy McColl

- The Art of Money with Bari Tessler Linden

- How to Manifest Money Easily with Dr. Joe Vitale

- Wealth is an Inside Out Job with Janet Bray Attwood

- How to Finally End Your Money Drama with Amanda Moxley

- The Soul of Financial Freedom - You CAN Have it All with Susann Tyler Shier

Value: $500

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BUT YOU'LL PAY ONLY $497 $333!!

OR choose our easy payment plan option!

PLUS You'll have lifetime access to all of the materials! 

So the next time you have a new glass ceiling to shatter,
Money Masters will be there to support you.

That's right!

Why is the price so low?

Listen, I've seen the other money programs out there. Some of them charge up to $5000 for this work. And this program is well worth just that. But you see, I wanted to make it super affordable for you. 

If you're having trouble manifesting money, why would I charge you a ton of money for a money program? It just doesn't make sense.

I want you to be able to use what I teach you to go on to manifest amazing things in your life. And so I made Money Masters my most affordable program yet.  

"I manifested over $11K in products, services, sales and support in 40 days! 

This was a new high for me and it was all a direct result of the tools I used in the program."

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Anuradha Kowtha


I manifested paying off my credit cards! 

"I can’t believe what a relief that is and now I can focus that energy of worrying into even better things. And I started meditating, something I always wanted to do, but never could because of my mind chatter. It has really been a life transforming program, every one of my days will be better because of the gifts you have given me!"

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Polly Wilson


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For a limited time get access to this
LIVE program for just $497 $333!

NO REFUNDS of any kind. Why? Because I've made the price so low and the program starts right away. You get to take personal responsibility for your success. Plus you get unlimited access to all of the materials for a lifetime. 

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