Meet me LIVE in NYC - Queen of Manifestation

Meet me LIVE in NYC

I’m so excited because I’m leading a special workshop next Sunday, February 24th, 2013 with my love, Amayo. I don’t talk too much about him on here except for when I allude to my rockstar soulmate – the father of our beautiful 14 month-old daughter. Amayo is the lead singer of the band Antibalas. You may have seen them on Jimmy Kimmel live a few weeks ago.

Now’s your chance to meet both of us LIVE in New York.

Amayo’s own band, the Fu-Arkist-Ra, combines ancient Chinese Proverbs with Afrobeat music. It’s a full band featuing traditional Chinese Lion Dances, African drumming and dancing, horns, keys, guitars, even a flute and a cello!

I’m definitely biased, but they are by far my favorite band to see live. Why? Because it’s always a party with people releasing themselves on the dance floor. Plus all of his songs have so much meaning and purpose behind them.

Dancing and singing are two of the fastest ways to connect to your spirit.

And the more in touch with your spirit you are, the higher your vibration, and the easier it is to manifest what you want. Life is meant to be fun. The more joy you can experience daily, the happier you will be.

So here’s the deal:
This Sunday we’re hosting an evening event to bring in the New Year manifestation style.

First, I’ll be leading you through a 60 minute  yoga class. (Did I mention I was certified to teach in India?)

Then, I’ll host a Manifestation Workshop where you’ll get crystal clear on your vision through my signature Queen of Manifestation Meditation. I’ll also be teaching you my favorite manifestation techniques. So bring a journal! You’ll want to take notes.

In the workshop, you’ll get crystal clear on your vision and make it even bigger than you imagined it could be. Once you’ve already lived out your big dream through a visualization process, it shifts your vibration into an abundant state so that it’s easier to actually attract it to you. Plus you’ll walk away knowing the exact habits you need to incorporate into your life in order to truly live out your wildest desires.

Manifesting is all about having the feeling as if you already have what you want so that you can be a vibrational match to that which you desire.

Then after the yoga and manifestation workshop, Amayo’s Fu-Arkist-Ra will be performing a traditional Chinese Lion Dance & concert.

Plus we’re serving delicious authentic homemade Nigerian and Chinese food (with vegan options!)

AND an art show by our good friend Gigi Bio. She’s a celebrated New York artist who photographed me the week before I gave birth to our daughter!

There’s truly nothing like a live event where you get to feel a part of a larger community sharing in this beautiful work.

You’ll get a chance to meet other like-minded folks taking the manifestation journey together.

Speaking of community, did you see me in Marie Forleo’s new video about B-School? Make sure to click on the ‘Live Your Dream’ video on top, and the one that says ‘Strengthen Your Dream.’ (It’s a group photo just underneath it!) You’ll hear me share more about my personal experience with the support of the B-School community. If you’re thinking about joining B-School, make sure to come back here to sign up through my link. I’ll be giving away over $1000 worth of Manifestation bonuses only if you sign up here. More details will be revealed on Wednesday when the cart officially opens.

Back to the Party!

It’s going to be SO much fun. See below for the details and complete schedule of events.

Make sure to book your ticket early.

We only have room for 75 people, and this event will sell out. Scroll down to see how ridiculously affordable we made it for you!

I don’t know when I’ll be leading another live workshop in New York. So now’s your chance.

I can’t wait to meet some of you in person!

xoxo, Jen


Fu Chinese New Year 2013

Fu-Chinese New Year Celebration 2013!!
(New Beginning)

Sunday February 24th, 2013 from 6pm-10pm

The Year 2013 is in full swing.
We are all reborn into a new beginning.
The Feminine Age of Love and Inspiration is upon us again.
Let’s celebrate and help Mother Matriarchy Raise Conscious Leaders!

You are cordially invited to celebrate the Chinese New Year,
the Year of the Feminine Black Water Snake.

We will unveil our “Fu-Alkebu-Lioness”
Age of Togetherness!

We’ll do yoga, dance, meditate together and bring in our wildest dreams. Experience the ancient tradition of the Chinese Lion Dance and Ancient Proverbs set to the Afrobeat music of Amayo’s Fu-Arkist-Ra.

Eat delicious authentic homemade Nigerian & Chinese Food (with vegan options!)

Join us for an evening of transformation.

Yippie Museum
9 Bleeker Street
New York, NY 10012


Featuring Amayo’s Fu-Arkist-Ra
Live Afrobeat Concert
Chinese Lion Dance
+ Fu Rhythm Fitness
8:30pm -10:00pm

Manifestation Workshop + Yoga
led by the Queen of Manifestation (me!)
7:15 – 8:00pm – Workshop
6:00 – 7:00pm – Yoga

Authentic Homemade Nigerian + Chinese Food
from Chef Jennifer Edobor

Art Show featuring Gigi Bio
“Chinatown Series”

Wear your yoga clothes, bring your mat + red & black festive attire to change into. 


Early Bird Pricing: $40 (includes yoga, workshop, food + concert)
At the Door: $50 (includes yoga, workshop, food + concert)

Concert Only: $15 Advance/$20 Door

All Ages. (Children 12 and under free.)
75 People Capacity.



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