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A Reframe to Manifest More Money


One of the biggest questions I get all of the time is how to manifest more money.

And I could go into depth about all of the ways to manifest more abundance into your life.

But first I wanted to talk about what money is.

Money is simply an idea of VALUE.

Itโ€™s a medium of exchange thatโ€™s been rooted in livestock, grains, chocolate, shells, coins, paper money, and now virtual credit. Like everything, money is energy. You bring in what resonates with you as your worth.

Money is a tool for exchange.

There are lots of ways to make money! But itโ€™s important to always come to money from a place of playfulness.

I’m going to share how to cultivate wealth while having fun!

Watch this week’s Manifest Monday’s video to find out how to reframe manifesting money to bring in more wealth:

Awesome, right?

Here are the steps again:

1. Start with what you’re going to do with the money.

2. Then how is having or doing that going to make you feel?

3. You can feel this way now, and that feeling will help you shift into alignment so that you’re ready to accept other circumstances or things that also bring you that feeling (like the money!)

So what can you do today to make you feel that way?

I would love to hear from you!

Share in the comments below what feeling you’re going to have when you manifest that thing that the money will provide. Then share what you’re going to do TODAY to bring on that feeling. I can’t wait to read what you write!

Your words will inspire everyone else to start shifting into abundance right now.

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Sending you so much LOVE!

xoxo, Jen

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Reese Evans Reply

Thank you the “Queen of Manifestation”. The article is really good & helpful. This is awesome. I have watched the videos & learn few things from here. This is really praiseworthy. Well done.

KimHardin Reply

My goal is to be able to give my parents money. They’re in their 70s and still work. It would make me feel so good to help them and allow them to retire. I’d feel like I was making a difference for someone I love. I’d also feel gratitude for all they’ve done for me and thankful that I’m able to give back to them.

I see 11 all the time and whenever I do, I make a point to go into this feeling of gratitude and positive expectancy for what I’m manifesting into my life.

Great blog, Jen! ๐Ÿ™‚

Corinne Reply

My partner and I want to have children! When we are able to expand our family, I will feel love! I will feel loving, abundant, and complete. I feel loving when I spend time with my dogs and my wife. I feel the joy of my family when we love on each other.

Jen C. Reply

Hey there, fellow manifes-ers, I love the Abraham-Hicks video where Esther is talking to a guy who wants to win the lottery. She says that asking for a little bit more money is easy and softer, than asking for a lot of money, which to us seems harder. I often think that if I just stay in appreciation, and keep “adding” to my appreciation, that the money comes more easily.
As for me, I love thinking about spending money on things that make my life free and fun-loving. No worries! Just going out and enjoying the money with my family, taking a weekend ski vacation in January, or planning a fun camping trip, or saving a few hundred in various types of accounts. I can do all of these things right now, whether real or in my mind–and that is why it feels good, because I have complete control of this creative process.
I love thinking about how many smiles and happiness I’ll be surrounded by as my family and I do fun trips together (but truth be told, we have a good time anywhere already)…and I love to think about how when I spend money, I am spreading my abundance to so many others as well, seeing them abundant brings me great joy.
I must notice that my right now is amazingly good, and that is the key to an effortless life!
Thanks for this enticing article and this short writing exercise to help me clarify what I do really want with money, which is time with my family and the freedom to just have fun with them.

Paula Reply

I’d LOVE to buy a brand new Macbook Pro computer!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ When I have it I’ll feel relaxed, grateful and excited! I’ll be so stoked to work on creating fresh vlogs and expressing my creativity. Today – I’ll work on a creative project and imagine it being done on my new computer.

    jen Reply

    Yay!! Awesome Paula! ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

Donna Reply

When I get a new car, I’m going to feel spacious, abundant, and capable. Today I’m going to take my boys to the park where I can also feel lots of space around me, and the exercise I do there is going to make me feel capable.

    jen Reply

    I love it Donna! Beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

    cashnax.http Reply

    Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thankyou .

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