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Check out this all new Subliminal 'Money Manifesting' Audio
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Manifesting Money is Easy.
It's a bold statement, I know...
But with my ALL NEW Queen of Manifestation®
Subliminal 'Money Manifesting' Audio
It will be!
I always love giving back to my community on my birthday. And I wanted to do something fun and personal to help you achieve more abundance in your life.

So I created this audio - exclusively for the Queen of Manifestation Community — that’s YOU!

Subliminal Audios can reprogram your mind. Make it a part of your daily manifestation routine by listening while you work or sleep.

You'll find your vibration lifted and your well-being improved. It's like downloading a new program for your brain!

I worked with a master musician living in India to bring you the highest quality subliminal audio for manifesting out there.
This Signature Queen of Manifestation®
Money Manifesting Audio includes:
Binaural Beats
This is sound wave therapy for your brain. Studies of binaural beats show major health venefits related anxiety, mood, confidence, motivation and performance. Your left and right ear each receive a slightly different frequency tone, yet the brain perceives them as a single tone. To get the most out of this audio, listen to it with headphones.

Subliminal Wealth Affirmations
I wrote out and personally recorded 21 pages of wealth affirmations. Your affirmations are inside this music and played till the end of the music with different speeds as a subliminal. Subliminal messages are set at a higher frequency at an increased speed so your conscious mind doesn’t recognize them, but your subconscious mind is recording everything in order to trigger a response without being aware of it. This is a way to 100x your affirmations by activating your semantic network.

Solfeggio Frequencies
There are 12 solfeggio frequencies. When you listen to them, you open up your mind, body and spirit to harmonise with the universe. Think of a choir coming into harmony - or a guitar being tuned. You’re tuning into the quantum field of manifestation. Listening to different frequencies allows you to release your energetic blocks and negative emotions and in order to transform your relationship with money.

All 3 of these components work together to enhance the results of the subliminal audio.

Manifesting Money is Easy.

Listen while at your computer or while you sleep.
Are you ready to transform your relationship with money and
attract in even more abundance?

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I’m READY for even more abundance!
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