Equinox Manifesting Ceremony

Equinox Manifesting Ceremony

Equinox Manifesting Ritual

Join Me For This Exclusive Workshop Ritual That Only Happens Once A Year Where We Set Meaningful Intentions That Will Manifest Into Your Life In 2024.

Take Advantage Of This Special Energy Literally On Equinox.


Equinox Manifesting Ritual

Join Me For This Exclusive Workshop Ritual That Only Happens Once A Year Where We Set Meaningful Intentions That Will Manifest Into Your Life In 2024.

Take Advantage Of This Special Energy Literally On Equinox.

September 23rd, 2023
9 am PT | 12 pm ET | 5 pm London

Equinox symbolizes the equal point between light and dark. Things begin to come back into balance as the nights grow longer to equal the days.

You too can experience balance in your life.

Let go of what isn’t working in order to experience a better life.

Join our LIVE Ritual to understand how to reap the Harvest of your actions.

In order to fully experience the physical manifestation of your dreams, you first need to pull the weeds of the things that aren’t working in your life.

Together, we’ll reflect, release disappointments, and set new intentions for what you want to manifest by the end of 2023.

Discover the bounty of abundance that’s already there for you.

Learn how to work with the natural seasons of the universe to make manifesting easier!


Join us live to:

✓ Discover the true meaning behind Fall Equinox
✓ Experience a Guided Equinox Manifesting Visualization
✓ Release Disappointments, Hurts, and Limiting Beliefs & Thought-Patterns
✓ Find Balance between the Light and Dark showing up in your life
✓ Learn Advanced Gratitude Practices
✓ Understand the Keys to Long-Lasting Change
✓ Discover the Mindset Shifts needed to Reap the Harvest of your Intentions
✓ Together, we’ll plant seeds for what you’re manifesting next

"I manifested my first $100,000 DAY! My health has improved. I'm prioritizing myself. I am manifesting and being grateful everyday because of Jen and her guidance."

- SARAH Spooner, founder of Four Sisters Boutique

People pay me $1500 for a 90-minute session


     ...But you get access to this workshop for 

     only $30!

This is going to be a full guided experience.

Just think of all of the transformations you'll get!

People pay me $1500 for
a 90-minute session...

But you get access to this workshop
for only $30!

This is going to be a
full guided experience.

Just think of all of the
transformations you'll get!

Christina Caudill

"We manifested $20,000 in one week after doing Jen's exercise.

I now have the tools to experience gratitude and abundance on a regular basis and I'm able to clear away negative thoughts more often. I definitely recommend working with her!! Jen's positive energy is infectious and amazing things happen when we work together! Jen Mazer, I SO have to thank you for upping my manifesting game! Now I can say I manifested an ocean... And in my backyard — our new home in Florida!

Christina Caudill - RadiantAstrology.com

There is great power in coming together with shared intentions.

Amplify your dreams!

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You will leave with:

An action plan for releasing what no longer serves you as open up space for the new.

This workshop is not about high-level concepts and out-of-reach theories. You'll walk away with ready to implement strategies as a result of our writing exercises.

New intentions for way bigger dreams that want to emerge next in your life.

Prepare yourself... your days of settling for anything less than what you really want are over. From here on out, you will embrace your deservability and go for it!

Clarity on Completion.

Know what no longer serves you, and what you want to commit to from this day forward in order to step into your dream life now!

A feeling of Expansiveness — renewed and ready to become your future self now!

Having gone through our process of transmuting the old energy into compost for your new dreams!

Here's what people have experienced as a result of working with Jen:


I set a goal of attracting $40,000 by the end of the program. At first, it was a struggle to stop focusing so hard on how & where it would come from, but I ended up making my goal in ways I hadn't expected!

Jen taught me how to stop worrying about money and really focus on finding peace and gratitude to let money come to you. 

I've worked with Jen before and I love the motivation. The activities give me a deliberate way to focus on what I'd like to manifest.

Jen, I love how honest and real you are. Thank you per usual, for everything!"

April D. Thompson

Digital Marketing Consultant

I launched, wrote, designed, fully crowdfunded, printed and shipped my first book. I manifested over 2 times my goal in my kickstarter campaign, and I gave my first TEDx talk!

Because of working with Jen, my mindset has changed and now I have more trust and belief that everything will be OK.

Manifestation has become a really important tool in allowing me to reach into my own ability to find and share my muchness and use it as a tool to make my life better and more purposeful and successful.”

Tova Gold

Co-Founder of EarSeeds.com

My heart is more open to life’s possibilities, even one’s I didn’t imagine, like being interviewed on the Katie Couric show.

I’ve completed multiple half marathons and triathlons – something I never thought myself capable of completing before – and I use Jen’s tools throughout my training.

THANK YOU JEN! You are lovely, kind, encouraging and are living your words. I am so happy to be connected with you. xx.”

Kate Dimple


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Jen Mazer

Jen Mazer is the “Queen of Manifestation.” She’s always been able to dream up outrageous adventures and actually live them out—from rubbing elbows at a small private cocktail party hosted by Martin Scorsese, to living rent-free in the East Village of Manhattan for 10 years, to paying off over $38,000 of debt in less than a year, having her artwork published in the New York Times, traveling the world, meeting the man of her dreams (a successful rockstar), giving birth at home to both of her children on the same day 9 years apart, and starting a green school in Africa. 

Jen is a sought-after transformational speaker and coach. She teaches people how to manifest their biggest dreams while making an impact on the world. She is known for her signature Manifestation Masters Program and Private Success Coaching.

She's the author of Manifesting Made Easy (Simon & Schuster), and Co-Founder of the board game Sparked. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, New York Magazine, Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, Inc., Marie Claire, ABC, and more. 


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