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Do You Ever Catch Yourself in the Blame Game?

We’ve all been there. Myself included. I used to blame others for things that showed up in my life.

You know that game: bitching and complaining, blaming other people or circumstances from the past for the situation that you’re in right now.

Here’s a perfect example – “I can’t have a profitable business and make 7 figures because of the recession.” That’s blaming the government for your problems. Yet plenty of people actually grow their businesses to well over 7 figures during recessions! It’s a ripe time for opportunity.

Or how about something a little bit closer to home. Like ,”My parents taught me that making money was hard.” Or, “I don’t think I’ll ever get married because of how much my ex messed me up. I’m just not capable of having a successful long-term relationship.”

I could go on and on with examples of blaming other people for your problems. And guess what? It’s time to take responsibility for creating your own life.

It’s time to release old hurts!

It’s full on Spring here in New York City. The temperatures are soaring, and the rain is pouring. It’s a time for deep cleansing and ordering in your life. Aside from clearing the clutter in your home, now is the perfect time to let go and release the things that no longer serve you.

You’ve got to clear any blocks you might have in order to fully allow abundance into your life and attract that big dream of yours.

Check out my Manifest Mondays video below for my exact steps on how to forgive:

How to truly forgive:

Have you been holding onto something that no longer serves you?  Dig deep.  Is there a grudge that you can’t let go of?  Every time you think of a certain person, do you feel a knot in your stomach and get upset?

Can’t find anyone to forgive? It doesn’t have to be someone else – it could be you!  Maybe you did something a long time ago that you haven’t let go of. Maybe you have a physical ailment that you blame yourself for. This person or thing could be preventing you from moving forward in your life. Once you’ve got who or what it is that needs forgiveness, we’re ready to move on.

So how do you forgive? I have a few freebies to help you below. If you do them all, that’s fantastic! Or feel free to choose the method that speaks to you the most.


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Want some other ideas? Make it a ritual. First light a candle. Then pull out a piece of paper and write a letter to the person or circumstance that hurt you.

Say: “Dear ________,

I forgive you for_____________.  Thank you for teaching me _____________.

I now release you and send you love.



Then burn the paper when you’re finished. Release it to the ethers. You are now free to accept new, bolder experiences. You’ve created more space for abundance to flow freely into your life. Congratulations!

I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below with YOUR own forgiveness statement. This is a safe space to share. Let’s support each other on the path the forgiveness.

Know someone who could benefit from this exercise, share the love!

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I promise you, once you forgive, you’ll feel much lighter and you’ll be more free to attract what you REALLY want.

xoxo, Jen

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Mercedes Reply

I received this at the perfect time Jen. Overnight I had a dream which revealed that I needed to forgive someone who was once very close to me. While listening to your video I suddenly realized that I needed to adjust my perspective of the situation I was angry and hurt over. I immediately felt better and decided to reach out to that person with love. Thanks so much for this. I love your work!!

Rowen Reply

Thanks for this work and the resources that go with it. I feel so much lighter for having worked through your meditation and I feel like I connected with the view of the world that I had as a child, that freedom and fun and sheer glee at seeing and doing things I love. You really have such a powerful message in all your work and it shines through in a way that is just humbling and genuine and free. Thank you so much.

    jen Reply

    You are so welcome Rowen. So happy to hear how the meditation worked for you. xoxo

Dana Reply

Thanks for this video, Jen! I’ve been caught up in ‘mentally’ trying to forgive an old hurt with a colleague of mine, but taking it to that spiritual level makes it SO MUCH EASIER (not to mention effective!) I like the idea of seeing everyone in our lives as spiritual messengers and lesson-givers, and it also feels more authentic in this case to forgive for my own sake rather than going up to my colleague later and saying “Just so you know, I’ve forgiven you.” (That doesn’t sound like real forgiveness in this situation!) Thanks for the tips and bliss to you!

    jen Reply

    Aww, beautiful Dana. You are so welcome! xx

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