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Queen of Manifestation Meditation

A recorded meditation where I take you through your biggest dream as if you’ve already lived it. This short 15-minute visualization exercise covers a bunch of the tools above and is a great way to get started.  This will help you feel your dream through all of your senses, will make it bigger than you thought possible, and will trick your mind into believing you already have what you want.

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Want to dive even deeper into these Manifestation tools with built-in accountability, step-by-step action plans & support? Then definitely check out my:

40 Day Manifestation Masters Program.

I only offer this program to 30 people at time who are ready to take action. If you want to be surrounded by a people who will cheer you on, if you want manageable daily tasks, fun videos, downloadable worksheets, a private facebook group for accountability, and group coaching coaching calls, this is for you! Plus there are always lots of bonuses and a community you’ll be a part of for a lifetime.  Haven’t you always wanted a degree in Manifestation?  It’s time to get your Masters and become the Queen of your own domain!

Here’s to manifesting everything your heart desires!

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