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Welcome to Your

Solstice Manifesting Ceremony

During our time together, you will:

⭐️ Be led in a LIVE Solstice Manifesting Session & Ritual

⭐️ Experience a Guided Visualization to Honor the Light & Receive Guidance

⭐️ Recognize what manifestations have come to blossom so far in 2022, and what Limiting Beliefs you can Release & Let Go of in order to Transform

⭐️ Up-Level your mindset through writing exercises to clarify what needs addressing and releasing, and what needs completion

⭐️ Reconnect with your higher self and use the potent energy of Solstice for Healing

⭐️ Learn the exact steps for Manifesting all that you desire this year!

Note: my wifi connection was not great in the beginning, so I hopped off, restarted my computer, rejoined - and all was all fixed. It was the perfect teaching moment as Summer Solstice provides a restart opportunity for all of us. This is the midway point of the year when we can release what no longer serves us and amplify our dreams with the light of the sun. 💖

I can't wait to hear how this experience was for you - make sure you email me at [email protected] to let me know!

Here's to manifesting all your heart desires... 



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